Wedding Q&A part 1

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Happy Thursday everyone! We had an insanely fun and busy weekend celebrating our little guy’s fifth birthday! We are so so proud of him and the person that he is becoming 🙂

Ok, now for some wedding talk! I’ve gotten a few questions from some readers and thought I would do a brief Q&A on the block to alleviate some of these :-). Part one is coming at you today and part 2 will be here soon! 

Q: What are the boys going to do?

A: We purposefully chose our venue, date and time to accommodate for our littles. We knew that we wanted them to not only be a part, but a centerpiece of our nuptials as reflected in our daily lives.  With much thought and consideration, we will be having the three boys walk me down the aisle to meet their dad/stepdad. We could not be more excited about this and I have to be honest, it might be the thing I am most looking forward to.  Cue the tears!

Q: Bridal party and gown per tradition? 

A: yes and no. I did actually pick out a majorly traditional bridal gown that is somewhat princess-y and perfect for the event. I am super excited to get dressed up and feel romantical like the fairytale is my life :-). Whatever. Judge 😉 As for a bridal “party” we are doing this less traditionally; just our immediate family including my sister, Scott sister-in-law (my cissyyyyyy I call her) and brother, will be included in the ceremony.

Q: Will it be a dry wedding?!

A. As you guys may or may not know, we are not drinkers. Nothing. Nada. But, why should anyone else have to follow in our choices!? For our (brunch) wedding, we will be having an open Mimosa bar with all sorts of mixers and delicious treats. The night before will be beer and wine per consumption. I think we are almost as excited for the rehearsal dinner as the wedding! We are so happy with how we have balanced our wedding weekend to have a really really nice fancy loooong adult-only rehearsal dinner combined with our kid friendly brunch wedding the day after.

Q: Buffet or seated? 

A: Holy seated! I typically have issues with Buffets at weddings or events to begin with because I had major issues with hAngriness, so I had a feeling we would be going with seated from moment one. Given the amount of children will be at the wedding too (cousins, our littles etc), seated is definitely our best option. The kiddos have an awesome menu including chocolate chip pancakes, but of course!  And the grown ups? Well, we have planned a dual entrée with a sweet stuffed French toast combined with a savory frittata. 

Q: Honeymoon? 

A. Honey, of course! Can’t wait! This might actually be the thing we are both looking part two 🙂 we decided to take a honeymoon mid to summer due to custody schedules and the desire to continue the celebration :-). Just kidding. Well custody thing is true, however, we also wanted to go to a tropical island when it is cold here not when it is winding down from the summer 😉   We will be visiting the lovely Grand Cayman Island, staying at the brand new Kimpton resort that just opened. No worries, I will do a full review when the time comes 🙂

Ok! That is it for now! Come back soon for part two and be sure to email me with any questions that you would like answered! I’m an open book 🙂

July Running and Re-finding my Practice

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Hello hello there!  Now that it is August (gasp!) I wanted to pop in and say “hi” and do a quick fitness check in too. So, without further ado…here we go!

Running has been going well.  July had a lot of great miles despite the heat, vacations, summer schedule and other stuff. I have been sticking to my goal of running outside at least once a week and in most cases I have been getting out even more!  Very proud of that.  The differing terrain (along with our travels) has really upped my training, and this am when I was out for a 6 miler, I saw myself clocking 7:30 minute miles consistanclty!  Yay!  All of my work is paying off.  Love that.

Anyway, I have also decided to re-start my Yoga practice as a supplement to my running.  The reason is many-fold and includes needing some breathing/meditation practice, wanting to strengthen my core, and lenthgen my arm and leg muscles. I was starting to get SUPER tight from running (hamstrings in us runners are the typical culprit). Most of you don’t know, but I actually have a yoga teaching certificate. I got it a while ago and it is primarily for fitness based yoga and concentrated mostly on Asana.  Anything I learned otherwise that I incorporate into my practice (breath work etc) comes from friends immersed in the field. Anyway, I’ve been trying to get “on my Mat” for at least 10 minutes a day.  The practice varies days to day, I incorporate poses that my body says it needs :-). It always features a few sun salutations in the beginning, pigeon on both sides, all three warriors and hamstring seated posture work. I have to admit; I’m kind of loving it.  To get me started I put on scott’s and my song “never my love” (Audra Mae) as I can match my breathing to it. Then for the second half of my practice I complete silently with breath work. Anyway, if you’re interested in any of the quick serieses that I complete, I am happy to share.

Anyway, back to running/fitness in general, how crazy cool is it that I clocked in 140 miles consistently the last three months. Not more not less! OCD me loves that 😉 my legs are starting to feel a bit heavy and I think a rest day is in my near future. Tell me about your lateness fitness endeavors! 

Wedding Florals and a bit more!

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Goooood afternoon!  Ok!  I have another wedding post for ya’ll!  (because wedding posts give me a southern accent ;))  Before I jump into floral discussions, I wanted to share a few details from the beautiful party Scott’s family threw us to celebrate our upcoming (gasp!  cannot wait!) wedding.

Screen Shot 2017-07-28 at 3.52.49 PM

That sign, though!  Boy did that make me well up with emotion; the party was simply wonderful and we felt so so loved by so many.  We are so thankful. Scott’s mom, dad, sil and bil planned the evening and it really could not have been more wonderful.  My (stb) sister-in-law was responsible for all of the special details and we couldn’t thank her enough. She is really good and we keep telling her she needs to start a business!


My (stb) father-in-law gave a roast/toast 😉 that was so special and actually made both and I start crying.  I got to meet so many lovely people and it was so sweet that everyone came out to celebrate with us.  There was so much love under the tent and we are forever grateful.  xo 😉


Me and my silly sister 🙂

OK, now..onto the florals!  So, for the wedding, as I mentioned, we are going for a “garden wedding brunch” feel 🙂  Given that we are getting married in an actual garden, I saw the floral area as a way to cut some costs, ya know?!  Kinda works great 😉  I thought it would be fun to show our vision board that the florist created for us.  We are using Papertini and have been THRILLED thus far.  Tell them I sent ya 😉

Screen Shot 2017-07-28 at 4.14.46 PM


Screen Shot 2017-07-28 at 4.14.57 PM


Screen Shot 2017-07-28 at 4.15.11 PM

Also, some people have asked; and yes I will be changing my name!  My name will be my children’s last name as my new middle name and my new last name will be Scott’s.  I like it.  A lot.  🙂  Now please!  Tell me about your wedding stuff!


PS:  Im on a CRAZY iced water kick (thanks to my guy ;))  and am obsessed with this cup! Get one!! SOOOO cute!

A Wedding Post

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Hey there!  So I realize I haven’t really shared a ton about our wedding for a variety of reasons, but I wanted to start sharing some fun details given that today is the two month mark!   <Squeal!!> I. Am. So. Excited. And. Blessed. 

The way he treats me and my boys, ensuring that each of our needs are met and supporting all of us in all aspects. We are all so grateful. 

Ok. Ok. Moving on to the wedding! We will be getting married at the historic Powel House in the Society Hill section of the city which happens to actually be a block from our home! No transportation needed 😉 Some parts will be in the garden and some inside. It is a really really neat place and just perfect for us. 

We are going with a garden brunch that has sort of become the theme (“yea perfect for garden brunch” lol). Anyway, I’ve been actually super laid-back in planning the wedding. We have a super busy life and things have been extra busy lately, so a lot of the wedding details and planning have gone to the wayside a bit. But recently, I was able to wrap up the preparations and I am super excited with what we have. I am super excited to be sharing some of it on the blog and I thought today would be the perfect day to start sharing some wedding posts because it isn’t exactly 2 months from now and the invitations went out today! Stoked.

So, our three boys will be in the wedding. Scott and I are so so excited about this. I will share later what their roles will be, but assume it will be adorable 😉 

Speaking of kiddos and adorable, I got these sweet gifts for our two flower girls…

And this ring bearer shirt for our ring bearer along with a cute puzzle that he can put together; it spells out “will you be our ringbearer?”

Ooook so, for not bringing up the wedding at all, I think I’ve given you a lot of good details for today. I will try to do at least one post per week for the next eight weeks until the big day!  Kinda excited. Tell me about your big day!

10 Amaz”ing” Amazon Dresses

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Hello hello!  Boy has life been (crazy) busy!  I have not checked in for a LONG time and was thinking of calling it quits all together!  But then I was looking through my recent Amazon purchases (trying to track something, but of course) and I thought it would be funny to update you a bit on our lives via my purchases through Amazon; keeping it light.  And THEN I realized that I HAD to share my recent Amazon summer shopping spree with you all because I literally snagged 10 dresses (last two are rompers) for under $200 bucks and completed my summer wardrobe within two days thanks to PRIME! 🙂  I really wanted a few summer dresses, specifically a tank dress and a long flowy short-sleeved one too,so this is what I came up with!  ALL dresses listed are prime (Free 2 day shipping or less!) and I own them all so I am not just touting something I don’t own although it is embarrassing to admit how many packages I received last week…Affliate links included because…have you seen my purchases 🙂  LOL  Also, the first step is admitting you have a problem…

  1.  82 Days Rayon Span Jersey Maxi with elastic waistband- ($19.95) So, I got this baby in black and wore it down to Delaware.  I fell in love IMMEDIATELY when I put it on. It is SO nice to have a sleeve with coverage and the elastic waist is suuuuper flattering.  It washes well and comes in a BUNCH of colors; I got it in red and grey too 🙂

    Color palette: Screen Shot 2017-07-01 at 9.39.48 AM

  2. This time it was a floral one (Sibylla Woman’s Short Sleeve Printing Dress($11.99!!) …I LOVE this dress; the print is so feminine and pretty!  I love how it flows and it is perfect dressed down for the beach or up for date night!  They have some other color patterns as well that are super cute.  IMG_3919
  3. No seriously though, if buying your clothing on Amazon is wrong, I don’t want to be right.  This simple black blouson dress was less than $25 and fits amazingly.  I was specifically looking for a short-sleeved black blouson cotton dress per a cute look I saw on my future SIL and wanted one.  This one totally works and can be easily dressed up or down!Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 3.50.41 PM
  4. Aaaaand….here is THE most perfect tank dress ever...for less than $19!  I LOVE this brand, Molerani that I found randomly on Amazon and the material is soooo soft and the perfect amount of stretchy.  They also wash really well; a test that most cotton-blend dresses seem to fail for me, at least.IMG_3781 Color palette: Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 3.55.40 PM
  5. OK, so this next one I got specifically for the pool and I LOVE the pockets and the slits.  I ended up sporting this around the city a bit too and it is a perfect “errand running” dress with the pockets!  Also super cheap, coming in at only $23.99 and offers a TON of different colors.


    The one I got pictured here is a charcoal grey

  6. Next up is anther floral one; at first I thought I was going to return this.  The material felt cheap when it came and I was worried it would look as much.  But when I tried it on, the fit was AMAZING.  I LOVE the criss cross chest area and it is actually insanely flattering.
  7. Yup.  Bought it in this print too. ($20.99)  It is coming later today. I want to pair it with my red patent leather peep toes!  Hellooo July 4th!Screen Shot 2017-07-01 at 9.41.30 AM
  8. Iconic Luxe Handkerchief tank dress-($21.99) I found this baby while searching for a plain tank dress and I instantly knew I had to have it. I LOVE handkerchief hemlines, and secret…my wedding dress has that hemline!!!  The colors offered in this one are extensive and awesome as well!Screen Shot 2017-07-01 at 9.47.20 AM
  9. Coutgo Women’s Leaf Print Strapless Jumpsuit overlay Romper- OMGGGGG this is the last delivery I am waiting on (other than #7) and I CANNOT wait.  LOVE the print and the short length.  #runnerlegs AND it is only $16.89!!!!Screen Shot 2017-07-01 at 9.52.51 AM
  10. Jinting Summer Army Green Zip up romper ($18.99)- LOVE this with my tan gladiators and Ray Bans; coming from a completely not fashion-forward chick, I can tell you that this is the closest I get to “styled.”  LOL!  Snag this one!  Tip:  order a size up.  Screen Shot 2017-07-01 at 9.57.21 AM

Okie dokie!  Hope you guys enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed “cuuuuuuuurating” it lol 🙂 Happy summer/Fourth of July and let me know which of these gems you snag and what you think of them! xo

Ten Things.

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Hello there!  I am back again!  Trying this whole “consistency” thing 😉  Without further ado, here are 10 “things.”

  1. Super Into this guy.                                            IMG_2252
  2. Obsessed with my wand.  Takes like 5 minutes to curl my hair.  It is $15 bucks!  PRIME!  Get it…IMG_2285
  3. 7 Mother’s Day Miles; split (3 before brunch on treadmill and 4 outside during naps-it was glorious out!!                                                            IMG_2271
  4. Fun Fact:  I eat PB & J for lunch EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.  Same bread, same Jelly (bon ma’man), same PB.  I am a woman of routine, what can I tell you. Side note:  I totally have different dinners each night lol.  But I like what I like! It is SOOOO delicious and hits the spot!                                                                 IMG_2287
  5.  Completely obsessed with my new Tom’s Majorca Cutout sandals. They are BEYOND comfortable (trust me; I have the most sensitive runner feet) and are super cute!  I totally got mine on Amazon (thanks for the blog love) no lie; because… instant gratification. 🙂                                                           IMG_2206
  6. Mother’s Day Brunch at the Please Touch Museum; Never disappoints!   IMG_2254
  7. Salad Bar Luncheon for the teacher’s at C’s school!  LOVE a good salad bar!  IMG_2079
  8. Date night at Ela.  LOVE it there!
  9. REALLY dig my new sneakers from Target!      I wanted walking/kicking around ones and these are beyond perfect.  I like to wear them without socks because they hug my feet and feel sooo good!                     IMG_2186
  10. LOVE LOVE LOVE these kiddos!  Amazing masks/capes here!IMG_2110

Hope you had a great weekend!

21 Seconds.

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Hey there.  So, yea, it sure has been a while, eh?  My apologies.  April was hard to describe; I would say heavy.  And I just didn’t have the time or emotional bandwidth to blog.  BUT.  I do have a someone epic race recap (and photo!) coming at ya!

Broad Street 2017

I know. Epic.  To explain, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Jordan Hasay and she sticks her tongue out when she runs.  She kicked A$$ at Boston and so I was paying homage and clearly was also suuuuper stoked to have crossed!  It was a tough race.  I earned my time; albeit 21 seconds short of my goal 😉 Here is my recap!


Pinning my bib! (swoon)


Pre-race prep!

So.  I woke up with tummy trouble.  Always fun.  Had to actually stop at a (lovely) MacDonalds on the way…after trying about two gas stations and a Dunkin Donuts.  Fun times.  It was dire though.  Anyway, we got to the race (the amazing Scott drove me and my two neighbors to the race; NOTHING beats a pre-race ride.  thank you baby! Also a shout-out to the boys’ dad for staying behind to get the boys ready to go to meet me at the finish-gasp!!) at about 8:05.  Start time is 8 but I typically don’t like being early.  The waiting kills my nerves.  I entered right into the corral about to start and off I went!

Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 6.50.38 PM

I wore pink for someone very special to me who is fighting Breast Cancer.  Every mile was for her.

I Crossed the start at about 8:10.  And right from the start, a super annoying thing happened that NO runner desires; I had to pee, like .25 miles into the race.  Really badly. All of the sudden.  And I could NOT focus on anything but that!  UGH!  So, I pulled over and relieved myself… 21 seconds.  From there, I just tried to book book book it!  I really feel that, save for the 9th mile, I truly put in maximum effort.  And speaking of that 9th mile…I am SO MAD.  Another suuuuuper annoying runner-thing (for me, at least) thing happened; I had brought Advil into the car.  Basically, since I turned 30ish, I started taking Advil pre race because I realized how much it helped with muscled cramping and even fatigue.  And I FORGOT TO TAKE IT!  (MacDonalds situation, lol).

21 seconds.

Anyway.. here are the total stats/picture…

FullSizeRender (1)

Some random thoughts (I usually like to do mile-by-mile thought but waited too long after the race to blog lol #mombrain)…

  • There is a stretch of road where there is an AWFUL fish smell, right?!
  • OMG the political signs though!!!  MANY about “pre-existing conditions,” some about running like your health care was being taken away from you (LOVE), some about running better than the administration, and ALL appreciated and loved.
  • I think blowing lugies on the race course should be banned.  I’m sorry.  I am NOT being a pearl-clutcher.  I am just not ok with it.  Germs. Germs. Germs.  And when you are doing hard or distance running, your body works from the same glycogen stores as your immune system (which is why I supplement nightly with vitamin C), so being exposed to that nasty crap is unnecessary.  And gross.  Ok, sorry.  Rant over.
  • Due to my dank stomach, I was completely unable to ingest any fuel whatsoever the entire 10 miles.  Even a small sip of Gatorade was not working.  I tried my usual GU Chomps but had to spit it out as it was making me gag.  Bum bellies stink.
  • I just kept thinking; I cannot WAIT to see my babies.  All of them.
  • I was very happy with my play list.  It was timed perfectly.
  • So, I was aiming for a 1:25 initially. THEN, I had a REALLY good taper and decided the night before that I was going to go for a 1:24.  Which, understandably, Scott was super confused about when I told him I missed my goal by 21 seconds as I came in with a 1:24:21.  Anyway, I REALLY thought I was going to nail it.  TRULY.  But then I really did start getting majorly heavy legs around mile 8 :/  Blame it on the Advil 🙂
  • ALSO, I managed to over-run the course by almost .4 miles!  How on EARTH does one over run a straight road (save for one City hall turnabout)?!

Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 6.48.36 PM

Ok, SO.  I would venture to say that this was my FAVORITE finish line experience EVER.  Would you NOT believe that apparoaching the finish, as I was ABSOLUTLEY DYYYYYING, I look to my left and see ALL of my boys; The 3 babies, Scott and Ian.  I was seriously like a magical moment. I know.  Cheese.  But true.  Thank you, cheer squad!

Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 6.50.28 PM

Definitely the luckiest girl ever!

How #45 has made me a more mindful Citizen and overall a better person

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Each morning lately, I roll over in bed, kiss my man “good morning” and ask him “I wonder what I going on in “Politico?! (my name for the Political soap opera of late, I am aware that Politico is a news outlet as well)”  I literally salivate over the prospect of tuning on some CNN or Morning Joe almost as much as I do my first sips of morning coffee.  I look over at my phone to inevitably glimpse at the shocking CNN headline alerts that have gathered in my slumber.  It truly seems unending.  Like, it can’t really keep going on like this, right?

Regardless, it is safe to say that my political/historical repertoire prior to the Election of #45 was slim, to say the least.  Basically, it depended on the lyrics of We Didn’t Start the Fire (Joel, 1989). Birth control, Ho Chi Minh, Richard Nixon back again, Moonshot, Woodstock, Watergate, punk rock.  Right?! In all seriousness though, anyone else’s elementary/middle school teacher play this song for you?  Turns out it is a popular one; Scott had a similar experience.

Anyway, the point is that before the latest “political shenanigans,” I think I sort of buried my head in the sand a bit.  And I don’t think it was a good thing.  I think that in times where I felt comfortable with the leadership in place, I tend to unplug a bit from the political scene (media, etc.).  For instance during the Obama administration, I hardly EVER watched “Politico.”  I just trusted that all was well (according my my beliefs), periodically glazed over some headlines, but generally just assumed all was” well.”

As I completed my daily 6 miler on the treadmill yesterday, I was riveted by Comey’s testimony regarding Russian ties/meddling in our Democratic Process and the unsupported claims by #45 that his predecessor had his “wires tapped.”  My morning run entertainment used to be Wendy Williams (don’t judge…) and has now been replaced by “Politico.”  So, what does this mean for me?  While our political current situation seems somewhat dismal, I am heartened by my newfound sense of citizenship and civic responsibility.  I am even more heartened by seeing this trend infiltrating my peers and many many other around me. And this makes me proud. And hopeful. 

What’s In My Bag?!

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Answer: WAY TOO MUCH!  LOL.  I LOVE when magazines like US Weekly do this and I thought it would be fun to give you a peak into my (diaper)bag.  My Longchamp holds a LOT so part of the reasoning behind this post was to organize a bit 😉  So, without further ado, here is “what’s in my bag!”


  1.  Diapers! (in a ziplock with Desitin and wipes)
  2. Snacks for the kids (applesauce and PB crackers)
  3. Snacks for me (Almond Butter biscuits)
  4. Crayons for both Conmigo and the boyos
  5. Donde Esta Spot? (for Conmigo)
  6. Spare socks for Philly Kids Gym; we go Mondays and Wednesdays for open gym so that G can run and jump around!  Try it! It only costs 10 bucks!
  7. Chuck E Cheese play passes 🙂
  8. Adventure Aquarium membership cards
  9. My FAVORITE wallet EVER; Louis Vuitton, bought in Paris when on a trip with the boys’ dad.  I LOOOOVE it and have yet to find something like it in the US.
  10. A good old ziplock with spare change for Conmigo. I like to have change for those paying with cash even though we accept credit cards too now!  I know, the ziplock is super classy 😉
  11. US Weekly magazine (from about 3 months ago because…ya know, free time lol)
  12. 3 Ninja Turtle gummies for dire need bribery (ALWAYS carry candy for emergencies… pro Mom tip!)
  13. Paper planner and pen!  oooooo I love a good planner
  14. My special “red bag.” This has become a bit of a joke in my household becuase I am always looking for my “red bag!”  While I don’t wear much makeup, any make up that I DO wear is in this bag, along with spare contacts, lens solution, spare glasses and any meds I might need.  FYI, I use THIS mascara and THIS lip stain (yes, it only costs $2).

Other things that did not make an appearance?

  • A wiffle ball to double as kid fun and runner foot rolling needs
  • Sanitizing hand wipes, because…duh
  • Hair ties and pins
  • Small board book of “Little Pookie” a favorite of ALL the boys
  • Travel size of THE BEST dry shampoo (NOT $2 LOL)

OK!  Your turn!  What is in YOUR bag?!

Have a Seat. Let me tell you a story.

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OH boy, guys, do I have some MAJORLY good stories for you (like those that belong only in soap operas) but not too many of them are appropriate just YET for the www, but I will give you a good one on which to marinate.

If you follow me on Social Media, or know me IRL, you know that I am a pretty staunch dissenter of the Trump “administration” (to which I typically refer to as “the REGIME). And also, if you know me, you know that I am on a constant quest to understand WHY people do what they do (both in my personal and public life).  In fact, it sometimes keeps me up at night 😉  So, ever since election night, I have asked at least daily (ok fiiiiiine, maybe hourly) “who ARE these people who voted for him!?!?”  I literally just don’t get it.  I have hundreds of friends on FB and literally less than 10 are Trump supporters.  Mind you, I recognize that birds of a feather flock together, so the idea that the majority of my friends would have similar political views as mine is not foreign or strange.  But I still question, “WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE!?”  I am going to tell you a story of one of “these people.”  I tell this story with the caveat that I am NOT a judgmental person, but that I truly seek to understand why people feel and do what they do!  And I am not judging this person, I am just telling a story…that sort of proves a point.

While in Florida, I was enjoying greatly the rooftop pool.  Scotty had all three boys in the water and I MIGHT have been luxuriating with a magazine for a moment on the lounge chair.  A woman approached me and began to make small talk.  She was older than me, and from Bethlehem, PA.  She started asking about me and my family and where we live.  She asked what I thought was the question “I don’t know WHY you’d live in Philadelphia” to which I casually laughed and answered “because we LOVE it there!”  And she corrected me saying, “NO I said I didn’t know WHITE people lived in Philadelphia.”  I was befuddled.  Did she really just say that?  So I asked her, “Did you just say that?!”  And she repeated herself.  I literally could not believe she would think that, let alone say it.  So I explained that yes, white people DO live in Philadelphia but that we are a very diverse and WELCOMING city.  She recanted with “Ugh there was that horrible incident a year ago at a parade where a bunch of black men beat up a military man!  Can you believe it?!” I answered, “Why yes I can believe it, but I am unwilling to relate it to the color of his skin.”  She did not seem thrilled with my response.  And certainly did not agree.

Interestingly enough, I had been chatting with a super nice Orthodox Jewish young mother.  As we were sitting, this woman swam up to us again, repeating her rhetoric about white people living in Philadelphia and asking the modestly-dressed Jewish woman if “she thinks that she stands out, because she sure does!”  The ignorance level was rising quickly.  She told us of a woman in the hotel lobby that was wearing a hijab. I had actually had a conversation with this woman earlier in the day in which I attempted to apologize on behalf of “our president” for the mistreatment of Muslims.   The woman in the pool continued to tell us, and I quote: “I told that woman that SHE is in AMERICA and that SHE does not need to wear that THING.”  Oh boy.  Here we go.  I kindly explained that wearing a Hijab is HER choice and that she wears it out of respect for both her husband and her religion and that most husbands and wives, regardless of religion, make certain agreements in their marital contracts.  But then, it was time.  I calmly asked her, “Are you by any chance a Trump supporter?”  I wasn’t trying to pigeon hole but I felt I was certainly getting an answer to my aforementioned question of “who voted for HIM?!”  I think that what I was really trying to understand was the level of ignorance it would take to make such a decision and I think I was finally getting there…

She, of course, took the opportunity to rave and revere The Donald and ALL of the ways that he will and is already (in her words) “Making America Great Again.”  OK, good.  You are entitled to your opinion.  But the next thing that happened BLEW. MY. MIND.

Because it was the day that Betsy DeVos was to be confirmed, I asked, “Well, what do you think about Betsy DeVos and the fact that I sit here as a mom of three who holds a masters degree in ED policy from the University of Pennsylvania and am more qualified than her?” (insert humble brag).  Lady LEGIT said “Who is Betsy DeVos?!” I could NOT believe my ears.  THESE are the people.  You don’t GET to have an opinion about who is best suited to run our country and serve in its highest office, unless you have a CLUE about what is ACTUALLY going on.  In this case, you would need to know who Besty DeVos is.

So, that is the end of my story.  I support anyone who has an opinion that they can support with FACTS.  REAL facts.  Not just ones of the alternative nature. PERIOD.