Buyer’s Remorse?!?!?


It couldn’t be!  OY.  So with the husband’s suggestion, Oscar dog is going to be a “watchdog” for Halloween…Hmmm….I know.  BOR-ING.  Husband’s a lawyer- he’s almost too smart for his our own good!  Anyway, below is the picture of the costume I ordered, but when reflecting on year’s past…does it make the cut?


What do you think, buddy?

2 thoughts on “Buyer’s Remorse?!?!?

  1. Have you ever heard Saba’s “P-O-O-O-OR SHEBE” whine? We’ll I think its’ time we get Saba to start saying “PO-O-O-R OSCAR!” I do hope you gave him some special halloween treats, as he is a trooper!

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