PHANNNTASTIC Run and Another Public Apology!


Howdy!  Just had the best run ever!  I think part of it was that I used my husband’s awesome Bose earphones because mine were in the car and I am just plain lazy (even though I was prepping to hop on the treadmill!).  So, I don’t know what the problem was (hint:  it might be the big ears-love you, babe) but I could not get the stinkin’ things to stay in my ears, so…I licked them.  Yes, you heard right, I LICKED THE EAR PHONE.  Ew, I’m even making myself nautious reading that back.  Anyway, this is the reason for a second public apology to my hubs.  Sorry babe for the lickage.  Anyway, here was me with my battle/game face on:

This pic is bad a$$ (not in a good way) LOL

My playlist was PUMPING but so random that I have to share:

I’ve gotta feelin (Black Eyed Peas)

Empire State (Jay-Z) and of COURSE I subbed in Philly lyrics

Party in the USA (Miley Cyrus-I know, don’t even say it)

Say Hey (Michael Franti)

3 Little Birds (Marley, duh)

Vindicated (Dashboard Confessional)

Radio Nowhere (Bruce)

Working Man (Rush-shout out to the Husband)

OK, I know, random, but hey-whatever works, right?

SO now I am refueling with some Activia (love me some bifidus regularis) and strawberries.  Nursing a headache I am hoping is from dehydration(fixing now) rather than the beginning of the stinkin’ flu half of my students are out because of…only time will tell.

Gotta get revvvvvved up for the game!  Can’t wait!  Toodles!



OMG! Cupcake Blunder!

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Ok, so I am absolutely OBSESSED with New York’s famous Crumbs Bakery…HOLY YUMcrumbs.JPG

It was definitely the apple pie cupcake that roped me in that I “shared” with my mom (aka saved her a bite).  It was spice cake with apple pie filling topped with cream cheese icing and caramel swirls.  Holy Heaven!  Anyway, I brought the Husband home a variety pack that contained many yummy flavors in cute bite sized mini cakes.

Well, you see what happened was…ME.  Those babies went faster than hotcakes at Chez Downes!  So, I wanted to send the HUB a little treat.  I ordered him the “Vanilla Collection” (he and I both go for vanilla) and had is secretly delivered to work (yes, I had to take out a loan for this 🙂 haha)

Vanilla Collection

OK, so story should end here right?  Nope.  So cupcakes get delivered on the day Hubs left for Arizona for a baseball tournament, so I was left to babysit these suckers.  WELLLLL…bestie Bri and I had a good ol’ time that weekend and needless to say, only one lone cupcake remained for Hub (give me some credit- it was his favorite type).  SOOOOOO out of guilt (and of course love) my thoughts were to ONE day send them again as a surprise….

OK, now fast forward a few days.  Husband calls me AT WORK (never does this) to graciously thank me for the new cupcakes I had sent him at work.  Ummmmmm…sweetie, those cupcakes were for a baby shower I am throwing for a neighbor on Sunday.  They are Artie Lange cupcakes and are going to be favors for the shower, as the proceeds go to St. Jude’s Children’s hospital.  OY did I disappoint him!  So, a public apology to my dear husband and a warning to watch the mail 🙂 xoxo

Artie Lange

yummy Artie Lange cupcakes.

Passionately Pink and Pantene Great Lengths!


Good morning all!  Sooooo exciting!  Today at my school is Passionately Pink for the cure to support the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. We all are joining the fight to find a cure by wearing PINK and donating to the cause.  Well, it just so happens that all I own in pink are SWEATS!  Yessssss! I LOOOOOOOVE sweatpants.  Cotton is my BEST friend.  When I got married I really wanted a cotton wedding dress.  Oh well, anyway, today is a comfy and chartiable day- LOVE IT! 

OK, so yesterday I got the COOLEST letter EVER!  Backstory:  at the end of the summer, I decided to donate my hair to an organization that colelcts human hair for wigs given to cancer patients. I have always wanted to do this, but never really got the nerve.  So, I looked into Locks of Love, which is WAY outta my league- the hair needs to NOT be processed and ten inches at least.  Threw that out the window a long time ago (my “natural blonde highlights” are not so natural to say the least).  Anyway, then I found the organization “Pantene Pro-V Great Lengths.”  They allowed for processed hair and only required 8 inches.  My hair doesn’t grow too fast 😦  So…. I did it!  I sent the hair but was quite nervous there might be somethign wrong with it?!?!?!? So yesterday I cam home to an AWESOME letter that I will certianly save from Pantene thanking me- it was AWESOME!  My hair worked!  A little person going thru a tough time will be able to have a beauuuuuutiful wig 🙂  Happy giving and happy day!  For more info of Pantene Great Lengths, click here.


AFTER… (coming soon)