OMG! Cupcake Blunder!

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Ok, so I am absolutely OBSESSED with New York’s famous Crumbs Bakery…HOLY YUMcrumbs.JPG

It was definitely the apple pie cupcake that roped me in that I “shared” with my mom (aka saved her a bite).  It was spice cake with apple pie filling topped with cream cheese icing and caramel swirls.  Holy Heaven!  Anyway, I brought the Husband home a variety pack that contained many yummy flavors in cute bite sized mini cakes.

Well, you see what happened was…ME.  Those babies went faster than hotcakes at Chez Downes!  So, I wanted to send the HUB a little treat.  I ordered him the “Vanilla Collection” (he and I both go for vanilla) and had is secretly delivered to work (yes, I had to take out a loan for this 🙂 haha)

Vanilla Collection

OK, so story should end here right?  Nope.  So cupcakes get delivered on the day Hubs left for Arizona for a baseball tournament, so I was left to babysit these suckers.  WELLLLL…bestie Bri and I had a good ol’ time that weekend and needless to say, only one lone cupcake remained for Hub (give me some credit- it was his favorite type).  SOOOOOO out of guilt (and of course love) my thoughts were to ONE day send them again as a surprise….

OK, now fast forward a few days.  Husband calls me AT WORK (never does this) to graciously thank me for the new cupcakes I had sent him at work.  Ummmmmm…sweetie, those cupcakes were for a baby shower I am throwing for a neighbor on Sunday.  They are Artie Lange cupcakes and are going to be favors for the shower, as the proceeds go to St. Jude’s Children’s hospital.  OY did I disappoint him!  So, a public apology to my dear husband and a warning to watch the mail 🙂 xoxo

Artie Lange

yummy Artie Lange cupcakes.

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