Passionately Pink and Pantene Great Lengths!


Good morning all!  Sooooo exciting!  Today at my school is Passionately Pink for the cure to support the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. We all are joining the fight to find a cure by wearing PINK and donating to the cause.  Well, it just so happens that all I own in pink are SWEATS!  Yessssss! I LOOOOOOOVE sweatpants.  Cotton is my BEST friend.  When I got married I really wanted a cotton wedding dress.  Oh well, anyway, today is a comfy and chartiable day- LOVE IT! 

OK, so yesterday I got the COOLEST letter EVER!  Backstory:  at the end of the summer, I decided to donate my hair to an organization that colelcts human hair for wigs given to cancer patients. I have always wanted to do this, but never really got the nerve.  So, I looked into Locks of Love, which is WAY outta my league- the hair needs to NOT be processed and ten inches at least.  Threw that out the window a long time ago (my “natural blonde highlights” are not so natural to say the least).  Anyway, then I found the organization “Pantene Pro-V Great Lengths.”  They allowed for processed hair and only required 8 inches.  My hair doesn’t grow too fast 😦  So…. I did it!  I sent the hair but was quite nervous there might be somethign wrong with it?!?!?!? So yesterday I cam home to an AWESOME letter that I will certianly save from Pantene thanking me- it was AWESOME!  My hair worked!  A little person going thru a tough time will be able to have a beauuuuuutiful wig 🙂  Happy giving and happy day!  For more info of Pantene Great Lengths, click here.


AFTER… (coming soon)

2 thoughts on “Passionately Pink and Pantene Great Lengths!

  1. Hey! I did the Pantene Beautiful Lengths last year and Locks of Love a couple years before that. It is fun and makes you feel good! Anyway, still loving the blog. Hope you have a great day ❤

  2. You’re so brave! My stubborn hair grows about a 1/2 inch a year so it will be many moons until I could even qualify for donation :-/

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