PHANNNTASTIC Run and Another Public Apology!


Howdy!  Just had the best run ever!  I think part of it was that I used my husband’s awesome Bose earphones because mine were in the car and I am just plain lazy (even though I was prepping to hop on the treadmill!).  So, I don’t know what the problem was (hint:  it might be the big ears-love you, babe) but I could not get the stinkin’ things to stay in my ears, so…I licked them.  Yes, you heard right, I LICKED THE EAR PHONE.  Ew, I’m even making myself nautious reading that back.  Anyway, this is the reason for a second public apology to my hubs.  Sorry babe for the lickage.  Anyway, here was me with my battle/game face on:

This pic is bad a$$ (not in a good way) LOL

My playlist was PUMPING but so random that I have to share:

I’ve gotta feelin (Black Eyed Peas)

Empire State (Jay-Z) and of COURSE I subbed in Philly lyrics

Party in the USA (Miley Cyrus-I know, don’t even say it)

Say Hey (Michael Franti)

3 Little Birds (Marley, duh)

Vindicated (Dashboard Confessional)

Radio Nowhere (Bruce)

Working Man (Rush-shout out to the Husband)

OK, I know, random, but hey-whatever works, right?

SO now I am refueling with some Activia (love me some bifidus regularis) and strawberries.  Nursing a headache I am hoping is from dehydration(fixing now) rather than the beginning of the stinkin’ flu half of my students are out because of…only time will tell.

Gotta get revvvvvved up for the game!  Can’t wait!  Toodles!



2 thoughts on “PHANNNTASTIC Run and Another Public Apology!

  1. Don’t worry about the ear phones, sweetie. I have to put new covers on them anyway since the current ones fell in some dirty toilet water.

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