Craaaaazy diet idea!

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Sorry I have been soooo busy!  Today was really busy!  I have been meaning to post this article for a while now, I saw it on-line last week (yes, it has taken me this long to post it).  BUT, I thought it was very interesting. The article asserts that you can “feast AND famine” in order to loose weight.  After reading the article, I realize it is just a quick-fix and might be like most other fad diets…but interesting nonetheless.  the concept is that you alternate everyother day with eating VERY minimal caloric intake one day (about 500, 1/4 of what most of us should be eating) and then “feast” on whatever the heck you want the next day and repeat.  Seriously people, in this
ah-ha moment, I realized that this is basically just averaging out the calories over a longer period of time rather then daily.  For example, if you at 2000 calories a day for 7 days, that would equal 14,000 calories (good math, huh?). BUT, if you ate like this instead:

Day 1     500

Day 2    3000

Day 3    500

Day 4    3000

Day 5    500

Day 6     2500

day 7     500

TOTAL = 9500

OK, maybe it WOULD be a good idea 😉  I dunno, guys, read the article here:


Relaxin’ at the Downes’ Ranch

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We are all relaxing here at home- it’s sooo lovely!  By the way, Oscar began his relaxing in the car ride home

So, while blogging and watching Raising Sextuplets…I know…. anyway, I am drinking the Celestial Seasonings “Sugar cookie Sleigh Ride” herbal tea that I read about on Lisa’s blog  it’s ok.  I think it smells more like sugar cookies than tastes like it.  But it’s warm and tasty enough!

Husband finally had luck finding it! I looked everywhere!

I also just finished reading “Body Surfing” by Anita Shreve, as mentioned in a previous post, and I really liked it.  Interesting story. Now, I am getting back into another Elin Hilderbrand book, Summer People.  I think I’ve described this before, but almost all of her novels take place on Nantucket and are real beach reads.  But, I like them becuase they are mindnumbing light and easy to read.

OK, hope your evening is going well!

Peace out!

Welcome to New York (you know, the concrete jungle where dreams are made up?)

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I DO love that song, btw.  Anyway, we headed right to NYC after my mom’s and boy were we in for a surprise!  So, I had reserved a suite-like room at the W.  I had stayed with my sis there before and had stayed in one too.  We got a GREAT rate, what a normal room would cost, and with Oscar it just works better.  ANYWAY, we get to teh W around 10:30 and we are taken to our suite palace.  It was absurdly awesome!  It was a HUGE living area witha  half bath (in all modern decor, beautiful) with 2 STORY windows and a loft with a bedroom and full bath with a shower and separate tub AND…a TV in the mirror!  I believe Husabnd called that “heaven.”  The room and whole experience was amazing!  Husband Oscar and I had such a wonderful time!  Here are pics of the room.  Thanks W!  It was awesome!



OK, I LOVED it!  Anyway, while we were there, we walked on 5th Avenue (with Oscar and it was sooo crowded!) and I did not buy a THING!  wootwoot!  Go me!  We also had a lovely dinner at a steak house, worked out, relaxed and just “hung out.”  It was fuuuuun!  OK, now I need to go unpack.  Biyeeeeee!  (for now)

Bad Blogger begone!

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Stupid stupid blogger!  So I left my computer charger on the bed rather than in my suitcase, so I could not post while in NYC!  Boo!  BUT, good news, here’s a slew of good posts comin’ at ya!

OK, so

Here were some of the eats as the TGiving table this year…Most were staples, but we had a few newbies this year!

Usual suffing, cranberry crap and candied yams(these were new to the table).  I did not partake in any of those.  TGving really isnt my holday.  I don’t like that kind of food.  Come to think of it, none of the holidays really feature my fav. foods, except-don’t get grossed out-Easter b/c I really love ham!  Never had it growing up but the saltiness is to die for!  I know, it’s gross.  Also on Easter, there is this amazing lasagna my Mom-in law gets.  YUM!  Can’t wait for Christmas (where I was promised it would be featured!)

Cornbread muffins- had about nine all of them.  My mom made hers in heart shaped pans and got the mix with real corn from Trader Joe’s, while the ones I brought were jalepeno cheddar left over from…a while ago…I steered clear of these (the slices under the muffins) and went for the “hearty” ones.  😉

String bean casserole- I dug into that initally but wasn’t really diggin’ it.   My mom used frozen stringbeans instead of the canned processed salty mushy ones I prefer 🙂

A new and DANGEROUS (meaning multiple “seconds”) addition- Sissy’s macaroni and cheese.  Damn you, Sara!  Soooo good!

Here is my lovely balanced and colorful plate (and must-have diet dr. p)

And for dessert- some carrot cake and apple pie (with coffee on the side- tried the coffeemate pumpkin spice…eh.)   Didn’t really have a lot for dessert-was fu-ul!  (and maybe I grabbed another cornbread pre-dessert as well)

Also at the dinner table…was me induring an incredibly awkward conversation started by my dad (surprise, surprise…this seriously happens EVERY time my family approaches the dinner table!  oy!

Also as the dinner table,

Sara and Dad

Beautiful GMa Adele!  Isn’t she beautiful!?!?  She’s on the market!

Handsome Husband and Oskie

Mom and Aunt Susie were there too but they narrowly escaped the camera!

All in all the holiday was a BLAST!  Hope your was amazing as well!

Let the Shenanagans (sp?) begin!

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So dinner is almost ready, but the fun has JUST begun.  OY, so my g-ma, is always cold therefore my mom’s house is…let’s say unbearable to some most.  Just read the thermomether:

Yes, this says 75 degrees

My sister could not handle it…

She is standing in the doorway to the hall

Even Aunt Susie bailed

 Anyway, the table looks really cute!

LOVE the fall-themed confetti!

I did a little taste test inspection of the carrot cake I brought…YUM!

cream cheese icing is my friend...

BY the way, Husband was THRILLED to find out that the only beer available was “Natty Ice” according to my sister…lol poor Husband!

More pics and recaps to come!



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haha!  Feel SOOOO productive!  I guess that uber sleep last night charged me UP!  wootwoot!  Had the most lovely run!  I am sooo thankful for my strength and health.  I didn’t clock distance, I just ran 34:00, I believe equating to at least 3.5 miles.  The weather was beautiful and I ran down to Penn’s Landing, which was laiden with families celebrating the holiday.  So nice!  Anyway, I came home, took a shower, put my casserole together (see previous post-geeeez I REALLY need to teach myself how to insert links!  sorry!  will do soon) for Thanksgiving, and am getting ready to pack for NYC!  4/5 items done off the list!  yay (also see previous post for my list of things to do before we leave for my mom’s, which is supposed to be in about half hour-not happening)!

Speaking of my Thanksgiving, it will be smaller this year, but nonetheless interesting  fun.  The PLAYERS:

sissy Sara

Mom and Dad

Beautiful Grandma Adele 🙂

And Aunt Susie (who hates pictures so I couldn’t find one and got tired of scouring my hard drive)  Oh well, I will get a pic tonight.

So excited for New York, by the way-leaving after din-din!


OK, off to packing

14 hours of sleep for me = no productivity but “REFRESHED-Jess!”

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Yes, you read that right.  Definitely crawled into bed at the ripe hour of ten pm last night and awoke with a “damnit!” at noon today!  Needless to say, this has set me back on the million many things I have to do in less than 2.5 hours before we head to my mom’s.

1.  Check emails to see if anyone wants a free cookie!  See previous post and email me with your address for a free sample cookie from

2.  BLOG

3.  Run (probably only a 3-miler today but definitely need to start this Thankful day out with a thankful run)

4.  Make my contribution for tonight’s feast:  sweet potato casserole.  Going to be using the recipe I found on Lisa’s blog

Sweet Potato Casserole

Makes 6 servings @ 85 calories per serving. NICE.

  • 1 (18-ounce) can sweet potatoes, drained
  • Brown sugar substitute to equal 1 cup brown sugar, divided
  • 1/4 cup skim milk
  • 1 egg
  • 1 tablespoon reduced-calorie margarine, melted
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • Vegetable cooking spray
  • 1 tablespoon all-purpose flour
  • 1 tablespoon reduced-calorie margarine


Combine sweet potatoes, three fourths of the brown sugar substitute, milk, egg, melted margarine, and vanilla, stirring until well blended. Spoon into a shallow baking dish coated with cooking spray.

Combine flour and remaining one fourth of the brown sugar substitute; cut in 1 tablespoon margarine until mixture is crumbly. Sprinkle over potatoes, and bake at 350 degrees for 35 minutes or until thoroughly heated.

Why do I doubt mine will actually look like this:


Anyway, continuing on:

5. Pack myself for NYC!

6. Pack lil’ Oscar for NYC-we think we will get him groomed while we are there-heaven knows he needs it!

LOL Bri and I thought it would be funny to make him horns- he REALLY needs a haircut!

OK, I will be posting throughout the day, so please check back and send me an email to get your FREE cookie!  Did I mention they are fat free and only 115 cals or less so you can eat these babies guilt-free during this often guilt-ful holiday season?!?!?

Peace out!

Congrats Allie (and a cookie sample giveaway)!


Today I got a blow out from my girl Allie


at Lakshmi Hair Studio in Old City

So, Allie has deservingly won a top colorist award in Allure magazine (  Yay Allie-girl!  Congrats!  She did my hair for the wedding! 

My hair is getting longer quickly!

Excuse the blurry pic- my bberry STINKS at taking pics, but I insist on using it…I guess I’m too lazy to carry a camera 😉

Anyway, I just tried the cookies I ordered from  and they are AMAZING!  I got two flavors; black and white (115 cals)


and the cinnamon brownies – 107 cals (haven’t tried yet, but it looks to be happening in the forseeable future)

Fat Free Cookies Cinnamon brownies. Serving: Calories 107 Calories From Fat: 0

I saw them on Lisa’s blog and had to have them!  Thanks, LP!  Seriously people, you really have to try them.  In fact, you WILL try them!  The first ten readers to email me their mailing address will receive a sample of these delicious delights!  Please indicate your choice of either black and white cookie or cinnamon brownie.  Yay!  I guess this is my first official “giveaway!”  Fun!

Anyway, I am waiting patiently for Husband to come home.  Watching Biggest Loser: Where are They Now


Terrific Tuesday!

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Don’t have a ton of time right now, but happy Tuesday and…



Husband sent AMAZING Hope’s Cookies

Here is what they looked like as I was ripping open the box

Anyway, it was our 5 year anniversary of meeting (the date we used as our anniversary prior to getting married) Friday, and so Ian arranged to have my FAV cookies delivered.  Well, school hours are abnormal, so I got them…TODAY!  OH well a cookie’s a cookie’s a cookie!

Finally, this week has been so crazy already, here is a reDICulous pic the HUsband snapped of Osc and I, as I face planted rather than “got into bed” the other night…Nice Jess (and Oscar SPRAWLED in the background)

This is making me miss my BED!


Is it Monday already?

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That was what I was thinking/feeling all day!  The weekend just flew by!  I guess time DOES fly when you’re having fun 😉  Anyway, I’m having a late dinner snack while blogging (2 of my favorite things!) and it LOOKED really good so I took a picture:


So, that’s an english muffin the Better Start kind with 100 cals.  They’re just OK.  Do-able.  On it is Skippy natural, and reduced sugar squeezy Welsh’s jelly- yum! 

The chips are baked and from Target-smoked bacon and cheddar.

Speaking of Target foods, it’s awesome.  Seriously, Target offering food is the best thing ever!  So I made Jen and her family (and new baby) dinner, becuase a group of the girls arranged food delivery for her.  SO I made ziti, meatballs, baked eggplant and ginger snaps.  All were pretty legit in terms of the home-made factor, EXCEPT the meat-ah-ball-ahs which got rave reviews.  Guess where they were from….Target!  Wootwoot!

Anyway, I have to admit, I just finished watching the finale of Jon and Kate…and am still wiping tears.  I know, I’m a sucker.  Anyway, it was saaaaad!  Bye dumb Jon, yuckhair Kate and adorable 8 😦 (Could only find an older pic)

Dude, it’s sooo weird seeing pics like this, no?


OK, enough of that.  Anyway, back on the food topic, I have been having some really good times with these babies:

I don’t know why, but I have been dipping into this bag often non-stop…And I cannot WAIT to top suffocate the sweet potato casserole I am making for TGiving with them…YUM! 

OK, in hopes of literally “sweet” dreams, going to bed!  Night!