Holy Honeycrisp!

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Wow, so when I went to Penn State, we had Burritos as Big as your Head, and those were just rediculous (by my standards- I’m sure the husband would fine that to be amazing rather than redic.).  Today for my snack, I bought a few honeycrisp apples and decided to have one.  OH MY GOSH!  It was huge and took me over an hour to eat- yes, it got brown after a while.  I was eating it while doing other things, so the “hour to eat it” is a bit exaggerated, but still…look at these babies!

“Just another blogging Sunday!”

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Note:  title of blog post to be sung to the tune of “Just Another Manic Monday” 🙂

HI all!  This was really a lovely weekend!  So you saw what Friday consisted of (how fun!?!) and it kept getting better (…mostly-boo Phils)!  Anyway, Saturday morning was the Mutt Strutt.  Although it was raining almost the entire time, we had a great time!   Our team was called “Team Oscar ‘n Friends” and included Oscar, myself, Husband, Steph, Luxy, Eric and Riley. We raised about 200 dolars for animal rescue! Here are some pics to highlight the event:


Oscar already tired on the way there!


Snacky snacky for the ride- yummmm


Team Oscar 'N Friends from left: Oscar, Ian, Steph, Luxy, Riley and Eric (missing: Jess, taking pic hehe)


Oscar the "watchdog"


Luxy Girl


Luxy and Riley


Riley LOVES the camera!


Cute costume!


Where's Waldo owner/dog costume- how cool!?!?!


Luxy and I sharin' some love


Another cure Cav (other than Oscar, that is)


Husband and Osc and the finish line!

After the Mutt Strut, we took an amazing nap and then awoke to pleasantly discover we were due for a visit from Kevin (Ian’s brother) Ryan (their good friend) and some other friends.  How fun!  Halloween was shaping up to be a grrrreeat day!  So, they all came over and we (unfortch.) watched the Phils LOOOOOOSE.  Then the guys went out and I met up with Bri.  We were ninjas.  Actually, she was a samerai and I was a ninja.  She created my whole costume- how fun!


Bri and I


Kyle (Bri's man-she made his costume too) and I

OOOOHHHH-KAY, SO.  Sunday morning was time for Jen’s Baby Brunch! I had been SOOO excited for this for some time now and the day had come!  Jen is a dear neighbor (married to Tim)- both are such nice people, along with their son Theodore (as he says it- too cute).


The adorable Theo

Anyway, I think it turned out great! Everyone seemed to have a great time, as did I!  I loved the favors I did.  They were the Artie Lange cupcakes from Crumbs Bakery in New York.  The proceeds go to S. Jude’s Childrens hospital- cupcakes are yummy and the cause is great!  I wrapped those babies up in a lil’ treat bag, made a cute label with a poem and some cute baby booties-she’s having a boy! 


Here are some more pics from the baby brunch- Congrats again, Jen!


Jen and the 'burbs girls 🙂


The guest of honor, Jen in the lovely hat I got for her 🙂


Me and the mommy-to-be!


What a partay!

Anyway, all was well and everyone (hopefully) went home feed and happy (and ready for a nap-See Oscar below)…


Another Successful Neghborhoodly Night Before Halloween!

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So, I live in the best neighborhood in Philadelphia EVER. I love it!  We have such fun together and it is such a great community feel.  Living here for over four years, we have been able to see families form and grow.  What an awesome feeling.  Anyway, last night we had our annual pumpkin carving contest.  The competition was FIERCE!  See below!

Love my neighborhood!  Shout out 😉