“Livin’ in a Blogger’s Paradise…”

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OK, if you don’t know what song the title of this post should be sung to, then…nevermind.”  Anyway, today is a “blogger’s paradise” becuase I have the day off!  Yay!  of course I miss my lil’ students, but I was able to get a LOT accomplished today (among those things, this all-important post being one of them).  So, let’s get started!  First of all, what is wrong with this picture (other than it being incredibly blurry and me being nasty devilish looking)?



Well, let’s start with the fact that I am holding a GLASS!  Yes, I ran my 4-miler today holding a GLASS! I neeeeed a water bottle!  Saw some really cute ones at Old Navy for only $5- what a steal- so I will stop there on the way to group and grab one (or two a few).  Anyway, back to the run- VERY good run today, although I had one of those really sweaty runs (I know, tmi) but do you ever have one of those REALLY sweaty ones?  I knew the shower was calling at the end of mile 1!  haha  Anyway, I was texting my brother-in-law while on the treadmill and my phone flew outta my hands and got caught in the belt of the treadmill. Boo.  Oh well, I collected it when done. 


So, today I was able to get a few chapters of this great book I began reading….oh, in June.  It’s called the Castaways, by my fav author, Elin Hilderbrand.  I am trying to get my mum to read a few of the books so we can discuss.  They all take place on Nantucket and are a welcome distraction from real life. 

So, while eating my (VERY LATE) brunch, I browsed the headlines and was ANNOYED.  First, “Mariah Falls on Leno”  (click below to see video).  I do NOT understand.  These people have TWO jobs to do :  1.  talk about themselves and 2. don’t look stupid while doing it (falls included).  I mean really, Mariah… funny though.


Another annoyance:  Cole Hamels.  Yes, Go PHILLS!  But, Cole…NO NO NO.  The comment he made has seriously gotten him into some hot water not only with his teammates, but with the Philadelphia PHANS… Bad choice.  Apparently he “can’t wait for it to end.”  Probably not the best word choice?  OH Cole…  WE CAN!

And the final headline that was of irritation (mostly by association)…SEPTA has gone of strike.  BIG whammy for bestie Bri- how will she come to my house teach her classes ?  Boo.  Anyway, today is busy busy busy.  Heading to group in a few, then going to CHOP to visit a student.  Toodles!

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