“Don’t stop beleeving!”

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Not a spelling error.  Check out the coolest play on words I’ve seen in a while…GO PHILS!

ObviousLEE we don’t have to CHASE the pennant any MOYER but we still have to figure out HOWARD going to bring another one home. We have to keep ROLLINS up the STAIRS because its WERTH yelling with our hands in the EYRE and hanging off the LIDGE because it will all end in a VICTORINO in 2009. If they follow the MANUEL, the PHILLIES fans will be FELIZ and we will RAUUUL….. Go PHILLIES!

I need a U-HAUL…

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For my husband’s dry-cleaning.  He had 34 shirts…Yes, you heard that correct 34 SHIRTS to be dry cleaned that I hauled to the Yoon’s yesterday.  Love me some Yoons!  They are sooo nice to me and have been calling me Mrs. Downes for the past 5 years (of which only .5 of those years I HAVE been a misses) so they are on my good side.  And, to put it bluntly, they ALWAYS ask if I lost weight-  The woman totally knows the way to this girls heart!  Anyway, look at this monstrosity!



So, after I got that errand taken care of, I ran over to Old Navy to get some goodies- stuff ‘n save is 30% off now!  How dangerous!


I ended up getting myself the black and siver one along with the red/white one for the holidays, and got bestie Bri the green one

This vest is AWESOME becuase there is a draw string inside that allows your to cinch it at the waist!  Ok, well, it’s off to work I go!  Have a great day!