I need a U-HAUL…

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For my husband’s dry-cleaning.  He had 34 shirts…Yes, you heard that correct 34 SHIRTS to be dry cleaned that I hauled to the Yoon’s yesterday.  Love me some Yoons!  They are sooo nice to me and have been calling me Mrs. Downes for the past 5 years (of which only .5 of those years I HAVE been a misses) so they are on my good side.  And, to put it bluntly, they ALWAYS ask if I lost weight-  The woman totally knows the way to this girls heart!  Anyway, look at this monstrosity!



So, after I got that errand taken care of, I ran over to Old Navy to get some goodies- stuff ‘n save is 30% off now!  How dangerous!


I ended up getting myself the black and siver one along with the red/white one for the holidays, and got bestie Bri the green one

This vest is AWESOME becuase there is a draw string inside that allows your to cinch it at the waist!  Ok, well, it’s off to work I go!  Have a great day!

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