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Not only my overused “new word” but the best way to describe today.  Yuck.  I am in a general bad mood and the Phillies lost last night.  Boo.  So, that means back to squaring off with the husband about TV choices for the evening, no more cheesesteaks (Husband SWORE his loyalty to eating a cheesesteak during each post-season game would guarantee the win) and waiting until next season.  Will miss you boys…

Anyway, I’m in a terrible mood today!  What do you do when you are feeling down?  Please comment and let me know!  I can’t wait until I get to the gym this afternoon and can run some of this off. 

OK, enough of that.  So I told the husband that I hit a new low last night…I bought some clothing at walmart.  YUP.  Nothing wrong with that, but I had a wise lady once tell me that you should not buy your clothing at the same store as your cleaning products (which I was ironically ATTEMPTING to purchase).  Bent that rule a bit.  Got a pair of “jeggings” (jean leggings).  I wanted to try a pair and see how they worked, but didn’t want to spend a bundle…Here’s what I came up with:

(except mine aren’t really as nice)

I also grabbed $5 leggings in grey, black and brown.  Go figure.  Alright, I’m outtie.  Toodles.

One thought on “Bummer…

  1. Shopping is one of the worst ways to make you feel better. It is only a temporary satisfaction and will only leave you feeling more empty. Its also addictive…

    I think you should get a hobby, thats the best way to take your mind out sadness. Something repetitive that you can just zone out with. It can be anything from crossword puzzles and coloring books to BLOGGING.

    Exercise is a great outlet for stress but it should be something that you don’t feel that you HAVE to do. Just something you want to do… for fun 🙂

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