Poor Santa is getting mixed signals!


haha!  Poor Santa!  I told him yesterday that I DEF want a new Northface coat (the kind that makes you like a cocoon) that goes down to the ankle.  Great recess duty coat and for people like me that are ALWAYS cold.  I decided the Triple C Jacket would work for me- so expensive though (let’s just say that the “free shipping on orders over $200 would certainly apply).

WORD.  So anyway, browsin’ OldNavy.com today, as “stuff and save” is officially on (they have raised the bar from 20% off to 30%- waht a disaster for shop-a-holics like me!)  Well, I ended up getting not one but TWO coats for less than 60 bucks! 


In those colors…done and done.

Sorry Santa, it looks a Garmin might be the best bet 😉  Husband Santa doesn’t like Old Navy anywhooooo.

Oh, my aching…EVERYTHING!


So tonight I decided to take my running act outside.  It was awesome! A great night to run, the temperature was perfect-the kind where you are sweating but you can’t feel it due to the crisp air.  Anyway, I discovered a few things: 

1.  Running outside is SOOOOO much harder than on the treadmill!  Navagating the somewhat crowded and uneven city sidewalks and lead to aches and pains in muscles I didn’t know I had! 

2.  I want need a Garmin or SOMETHING to track my distance, speed and time.  OY.  I THINK I did about 3.5 miles in about 40 mins???? Dunno.  Counted city blocks.  Did 65.  Made a loop to Rittenhouse, ran around that 5 times, then looped it back home.  I know, boring.  SEE!  IF I HAD A GARMIN, I could just see my stats and quit re-living my run in my head to try to figure those stats out.  Getting one.  Done and done.

3.  I HATE GINKOS!  Unfortch my i-pod ran out of batteries (luckily I was already heading back home).  So I was stucking listening to the squish-smoosh of the stinkin’ (literally) ginko balls.  EW.  Yuck.  Glad we settled that.

Sooooo tired.  Nighty!