A GDOT Weekend in New York!


This weekend was beautiful and lovely…just like Grandma Dot.  GDot is Ian’s grandmother who lived in Oregon and was cared for by her loving family until she passed away at the ripe old age of 95.  God Bless her!  I love her.

Me and Grandma Dot in Oregon this summer for Seamus and Kasia’s beautiful wedding

Anyway, GDot had a ceremony in Oregon when she passed last month and then we had one for her this weekend in New York, where she was buried with her husband.  The ceremony was BEAUTIFUL!  The weather couldn’t have been nicer and the ceremony was just perfect- and planned the way she would have wanted it.  She even sent us all a sign, as a random leaf (no trees around, mind you) swirled down from the heavens, noting her presence.  It  was perfect.  Grandma Dot would have especially liked the way we celebrated after…Food, Fun, and a much needed Jam session on the GUI-tar 🙂

Papa Jim jammin’ out

Aunt Gerallyn, Mama Susan and Aunt Oregon Ellen

Henry (he is responsible for my bling :-)) and Joyce (they were babysitting Lola)

Cousin Ellis Jammin

Uncle Bobby on the GUI-tar 🙂

“The Kids” Kevin, Ian, Myself and Alison

Ian and I enjoying la musica.

…And it didn’t stop there.  While most people went home, we were left riled up and excited to veiw the Neil Diamond concert video that apparently Mama Sue and Papa Jim “starred in.”  I was thinking, “yea RIIIIIIght.”  Boy did they prove me wrong!!!!

The screenshot- sooooo cool!  They are famous!  And such a nice-looking couple, no?  Love them.

…And the dancing continued.

The next morning was filled with eggs and bacon and a fantastic run!  But before I left on my journey, we said goodbye to Kev and Ali, and I made Pregnant Ali take a Pregnant Picture. She is due in March and looks great!  Too cute.

BTW, it’s a girl! I am going to be an Aunt!  I already let that baby know who will be buying her the first pair of many Ugg boots and all of her other hip accessories.

After that, I was off for a run through BEAUTIFUL Pound Ridge.  My father-in-law set me off on a 4 miler through town, but the hills were HIL-acious!  hahah  very tough towards the end but all-in-all I felt great!

Unfortch by that time, we had to get on the road to watch the G-men (note- each time the Giants play, I am risking my own life being around the husband.  He is very handsome and kind looking-see below- but all changes when the Giants are on the tube).

The ride home consisted of me trying on my new “Gdot gear”

sweet hat

other goodies

Practicing my “serious face”

…And need I explain?!?!?!?

See that “who wore it better”  Check in with the blog later for some really exciting news regarding this topic!!!! woohoooo! 

One more thing- at the Downes’ house they had a memorial table for Gdot:

G-Dot’s “table of treasures.”

I LOVED this poem plaque (SOOOO much truth to it) she had and wanted to end my post with it so we can all start our week of right!  Pass it on!


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