Yum and Yum

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So I am not a food blogger, but I just couldn’t give up on this opportunity to put a lil’ brag shot in:

shrimp stir fry

Mouth-watering! YUM!

That was tonight’s dinner- “shrimp stir fry.”  Ian says it is one of his favorites, so that’s why it’s one of mine!  It is shrimp, mixed vegetables and rice noodles. It takes like two seconds.  Ingredients/directions are as follows

1.  I buy shrimp pre-cooked cause raw stuff freaks me out.  I throw them in the frying pan while I microwave the

2.  Bird’s Eye Stemfresh Asian Veggie Medley

3. Then I cook the rice noodle veggie combo by Knorr

4. I dump the micro-ed veggies into the shrimp-filled frying pan, continue to simmer until the noodles are done (they only take 7 min.)  How great, right?  Try it!

Moving, on, I REALLY want to take a note from my blogger friend, Lindsay from www.goodiesgalore.wordpress.com (awesome site), and make a spaghetti squash.  It sounds soooo good.  Now, if I can only figure out how to get the Husband to try it (hotsauce, anyone?)…


(minus the beans, please)

OK, soooo tired.  Nighty!

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