The Christmas Morning Puppy Plan


So, my husband has this idea that it would be so cute to get our next puppy (we have ONE now, who is almost 5!  wowsers!) when we have a little child, maybe age 3 (?), and surprise him/her Christmas morning.  WOW, what an awesome idea, but we HAVE  NO CHILDREN YET and I WANT ONE NOW (a puppy that is)!  So, Miss Juliana from did NOT do well for my husband’s plan… she sent me pics of her ADORABLE cavs (which of course were fwded RIGHT to the husband-still waiting on a reply!) and I found these on her blog:


OMG too cute.  Husband!?!?! Are you reading this?!!?  Many things are coming up!  Christmas, big 3-0, wedding anniversary…

“Thanksgiving, get some legs”

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…said Husband- pretty clever, no?  I am SOOOO excited for TGiving!  I love this time between now and the New Year.  I just feel like everythig is so festive and I truly believe in that “feeling in the air.”  I know, you’ll have whatever I’m having 😉 hahha.  But seriously, I LOVE the holiday spirit!  The Husband and I and Oscar (of course) will be heading to NYC (you know, the concrete jungle where dreams are made up?!?!?) to stay at the FAB-u-lous W New York  with the Bliss Spa (cannot WAIT to hit that baby up).  We will go directly there from my Mama’s Thanksgiving feast and stay through Saturday.  We are hoping to catch a play maybe while we are there and definitely if I’m lucky some shoppy-shoppy! Poor Husband…except, I am pretty sure there is a Crumbs somewhere near our hotel 😉

OMG! As I was looking for a W pic, I saw this!

W Retreat & Spa, Vieques Island – Opening March 1, 2010



Oh, and here is the New York one we will be visiting soon!  Can’t help my obsession with these ridiculously nice hotels- it’s all for Oscar- they have dog bowls and treats and poopie bags in the room ready for him!  Get some legs, Thanksgiving!

Bliss Spa


Peace Out!

Damn you, H & M!


Seriously, how do a series of errands end up in an unnecessary awesome mini-spree at H & M?!?!  DIVINE INTERVENTION!  Woohoo!  Anyway, today after work I went to get a friend a gift card to a lovely spa, got a gift for Ian’s my little cousin Saba… (she reads the blog so I will just show the packaging)- my heart beats a little faster at the sight of that Tiffany blue!  Shout out to girlfriend who is turning 21 this weekend!  I am actually going to Atlanta for this shindig and cannot wait!  Ian’s aunt told me to “take lots of pictures.”  Really, Ger-as if you should expect any less from me! 🙂  People get annoyed at my camera-readiness at times!  hahah

OK, back to the subject at hand.  Then I went to Doggie Style, the best doggie boutique in Philly-they have numerous locations-to get Oscar his “after dinner treat.”  Everynight after he eats his din-din, he expects to get a few minutes of chewing on this…it is about 3 feet long for real!

So rediculous, but boy was he a happy camper when he saw Mama got him a new treat!

See- he is SO smiling for the camera!  OK, moving on, I then went to H & M just to CHECK OUT their selection of eternity scarves (suggested highly by my girl Lisa at and this is where the “disaster” began!  i just wanted one…And left with 4.  Yup, you heard right.  Four.  See:

This last one is the one I’m wearing today…And all together now:

Ok, so I realize they look like a mound of yarn in these pictures, but these scarves are the BOMB!  Love them!  We realized they also have decoy names and come in the name of “infinity scarves, eternity scarves or collars.”  Whatever.  I call them awesome.

I totally showed that bag who was the boss!

So, I ALSO got my delivery of my two coats for 60 bucks (30 dollars EACH!) from Old Navy!  I am wearing the white puffy one today due to the disgusting rain.

So yesterday also included a 4-miler, on the treadmill.  I HAVE to give a shout out to my girl Lindsay from who was VERY convinced that the running outside was FAR better than th treadmill.  Yesterday, I kinda was agreeing with her.  My knees were killing me, and this is usually not an area of injury for me.  Point is, maybe you are right, Lindz!  After that I took a lovely shower and used Philosophy’s belgian waffle body wash..yummmm! I didn’t want to get out!

Love it!  I also encountered an issue that I need help with.  I currently use Aveda’s volumizing shampoo becuase when my hair was longer, that is what I needed.  Now that it is short, I think I am in need of a new shampoo.  WHAT SHAMPOO DO YOU USE?  Please comment and let me know, or email me at  ok, outtie for now!  Enjoy your Thursday!