The Christmas Morning Puppy Plan


So, my husband has this idea that it would be so cute to get our next puppy (we have ONE now, who is almost 5!  wowsers!) when we have a little child, maybe age 3 (?), and surprise him/her Christmas morning.  WOW, what an awesome idea, but we HAVE  NO CHILDREN YET and I WANT ONE NOW (a puppy that is)!  So, Miss Juliana from did NOT do well for my husband’s plan… she sent me pics of her ADORABLE cavs (which of course were fwded RIGHT to the husband-still waiting on a reply!) and I found these on her blog:


OMG too cute.  Husband!?!?! Are you reading this?!!?  Many things are coming up!  Christmas, big 3-0, wedding anniversary…

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