Changed my “about” page and other stuff tonight


Changed some things tonight:

1.  My ABOUT blog page-  ummmm…was someone going to warn me that it was really…how do I say this…DUMB!  Come on people!  Fixed that.  Done and done.  Check it out.

2. Changed the toe nail polish.  Didn’t do that bad either!  Got this AMAZING color by OPI…something about tapas-got it- “Can you tapas this?”  LOVE IT (the name AND the color!)  It’s like “rum raisiny” or something. 




Excuse the post-workout feet 😉

3.  Changed out of my work clothing and into my comfy clothes (note:  eternity scarf STILL on)

BEFORE:  puffycoatwithhood

OK, so this was actually me on the way to work (with my new puffy Old Navy coat and H & M infinity scarf), but I REALLY wanted a picture for good-blogging reasons!  Anyway, you get the point.



(Excuse the blurriness-Blackberry pic) I have to point out that this would be the “one with nature style” mentioned on Lindsay’s blog, Goodies Galore , which as I told Lindsay, I might be considered at times, but then on the other hand, I was in the middle of packing my Louis suicase.  Dichotomous, I am…I know. 😉

OK, that’s it for now-tired.  Nighties!

3 thoughts on “Changed my “about” page and other stuff tonight

  1. Love the polish on your toes and I’ve always gotten a giggle from the names of some of the OPI polishes. You did a great job. I’m bad with dark colors and get it all over the place. The infinity scarf looks fantastic and if I wasn’t working from home today, I’d be running right over to H&M!

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