HOT-Lanta Recap

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I went to Atlanta this weekend for our cousin Saba’s 21st birthday celebration!  It was a blast!  Seriously…every. Darn. Second.  🙂  From start to finish, everything was SO smooth.  Granted, my flight TO Atlanta on Friday was delayed 40 minutes but I was coming from school and actually early for once, so I have a LOT of time to kill.  Well, kids, let’s just say “I did it in STYLE!”  After getting a coffee at Saxby’s (actually too strong for my taste), and spicing it up with my new find:
(Obviously the blue Coffeemate box is the the portable french vanilla creamer.  The gum is the flavor I am currently obsessed with.  Love it!)
I stopped and got some quality somewhat trashy (it’s for research, guys!) reading and a non-trashy book I wanted.  Confession:  I got a biiiiiit more items than pictured  😉
Hot-lanta 005
Hot-lanta 004
Sorry- don’t know why that won’t rotate!
I got some Chick-Fil-A. LOOOVE me some nuggets!  THE. BEST.  Done and done.
Hot-lanta 002

That was an 8 piecer. Was still hungry after. Shoulda gotten fries with that

So, I also had time for a manicure at one of those “Express Spas” at the airport. 

Love this color- something in Paris?  by OPI

LOVE this color! Something Paris (?) from OPI

Listen people, I had a lot of time to kill.  It was actually wonderful and took place in an amazing massage recliner!  Confession:  I ended up getting a 10-min back/neck massage as well-it looked sooooo good.  And it was!  They had a few of those massage chairs in the center of the “spa” and it lured me in!  (think the chairs they have in the center of the mall where you put yout face in the hole)

OK, so all in all, great departure experience!  I also am happy to report that I had no troubles with my name change- definitely feared that as my lisence says my maiden name and I carry a little name change card with me, there would be trouble.  But all was well.

When I got to Atlanta, Miss Saba herself was there to get me!

Hot-lanta 025

I was so honored that she came to get me because there was quite a party waiting for her at her mom’s (Ian’s Aunt Lizzie) house which is adorable, by the way.  We ate and ate and had a grand old time! 

Hot-lanta 020

Saba blowing out the candles on her My Little Pony Cake 😉

Also at the party was an ADORABLE puppy who did NOT help the  “Christmas puppy plan.”  (See last week’s post)

Hot-lanta 016

Hot-lanta 019

In Cleo’s Bed

Hot-lanta 022

  I tried her bed out too…Lizzie said it was Tempurdedic! I had to try!
Then Saba and her friend and I went out for a drink at this awesome place called Twains.  I, unsurprisingly, got a diet coke.  It was GINORMOUS!  Like so much so that I took a picture.  I bet Husband was jealous.  This is his ideal:

Hot-lanta 026

The decor was adorable and we got to sit on couches- HUGE plus.  We also sat near this amazing fish tank.

Hot-lanta 024

Hot-lanta 023

A beer tap chandelier! How cool!

We went home after and I crashed!  Was sooo tired and Lizzie’s house was soooo lovely!  In the morning, Harlan (Saba’s Dad and Lizzie’s husband) made a “real southern breakfast:  eggs, gritz, sausage and whole wheat rolls.  YUM.  We then walked Cleo in the woods (Ellen, Saba and I) and then headed to the airport.  I was lucky to get put on an earlier flight at the same time as Ellen so they only had to to drive to the airport once.  The flight was great.  Home fast.  Happy to be here!  Peace Out!

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