My FIRST reader question- and a great one at that!

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So, Marla writes,

“I just started reading your blog – I saw it on Lisa Paige’s website. It’s great – you are so cute and so funny! I live in Philly too and am around the same age. Congrats on your 5 miler! I acutally have a question for you. I read that you couldn’t even do a mile before…that’s my problem. I have no idea how to start out and build up to 5 miles. Can you give me some advice? How did you start running and being able to run that long of a distance?


First off, THANKS MARLA!  I loved her letter and loved her question. Here was my response (truncated becuase I write as much as I talk…A LOT):

“Hey Marla!  Thanks so much for your feedback!  Ok, so here is my suggestion for you.  There is a website that I have gotten RAVE reviews about and a friend of mine is actually following this plan.  It is called couch to 5K.
It gives you a plan for how to start running from literally being a couch potato!  Check it out!  For me, I always was in somewhat ok shape and exercized a few times weekly but on the elliptical.  This is waaaay different from running.  BUT, since my body was not brand new to the workout thing, I just got on the treadmill one day and went. I said, “I’m gonna do a mile and that’s that.” I started running and then just walked when I had to, but for me I just wanted completion.  Then I increased a bit each day.  It’s not that fun always, but the accomplishment part of it is great!  Anyway, PLEASE keep me posted on your progress!  Let me know if that info was helpful or not.  And email me any time!  thanks again, girl!  enjoy your day.  Start today.  It’s beautiful!”
Here that?  Start today people!  Anyway, that was fun and exciting!  Thanks again, readers!

My first official 5-miler!


You read that right!  Girlfriend who couldn’t even bang out one mile took her first 5-miler this Sunday!  The morning started out with the exploration of my NEW Garmin!



Unfortunately, I couldn’t get the mileage thingy to work, nor the wireless heart rate monitor so I was all about the timer.  Before I left, I only had coffee, as I simply can’t run on a full-stomach.  My morning consisted of many errands while Husband was at baseball and I lost track of time.  I ended up starting my run at about 1 pm with no food!  Silly me- I need to buy some Goo for these cases.  Anyway, I set up my splits before I ran (as suggested by my father in law, Jim).  I wanted to do 5 miles, which is marked by the river so I didn’t need the mileage portion of my Garmin anyway.  I wanted to do 5 miles and work on my pacing.  For this long a distance (hadn’t really ever done before and wasn’t sure if I even COULD!) I wanted to just do 5 miles at 11 minute miles each, bringing my time to 55 minutes.  I set my splits up to be 11, 22, 33, 44 and 55. Easy breezy, well, good news- I SURPASSED these splits BIG time!  Yes, I was definitely feeling mile 5 (strangely mostly in my hip flexors).  It was SOOO awesome down by the river because there were many crew races going on so I had some amazing scenery.  The weather was unbeatable as well. SO, I completed 5 miles in 50:37!  Woo hoooooo!  My splits were as follows and I had to stop twice (once to use a porta-john awesome, and once beucase I ripped a hole in my foot-a blister that i thought was busting through my sock):






SO PROUD OF MYSELF.  I definitely “looked the part” on my way home: