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Holy yum.

Ladies and Gentlemen, what is pictured here is a little piece of heaven (excuse the bad picture-by the time I realized it ucked, I had alredy wolfed it down).  Seriously, the most amazing fro yo experience of my life.  This baby is from PHILEO on South Street (around 5th) where you serve your own fro yo!  It is like a “healthy fro yo alternative” and they have MANY yummy toppings to choose from (my personal favorite is shown on the pumpkin yogurt above-mochi-rice candies) while the flavors rotate often.  I HIGHLY reccommend it. The only drawback is that you pay by weight…and I think they purposefully do not put a scale out for customer use-only at the register.  You know, come to think of it I think they should have to do that.  If you have to pay based on what the item weighs, I think they should provide a scale (like fruit).  But, I guess you can’t really put it back…BUT, you can add a little at a time…just a thought.

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