Progress has won me (back) over! And a NEW blog feature!

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My soup today was yum-tastic!  It was FILLED this time with veggies and rice!  Very filling!  I guess I just picked the wrong batch of soups or something.  It seems like the luck of the draw!  Love me some diet Sunkist, by the way!

SO, I have news people!  I am adding an “Ask the Expert” section to my blog!  My first gues poster will be a regular on the blog.  Bri is not only a bestie of mine, but a very talented yogi.  She will be guest posting from time to time and I know there is one brewing as we speak, so keep checking!




“Each Day a New Beginning”


So, I got this book from the Hazelden Meditations series. I HIGHLY reccommend it.

 Anyway, each day is dated and starts out with a quote.  It then expands on the quote and at the bottom leaves you with a little mantra to repeat throughout the day to remind yourself of the message for that day. 

For instance, November 13th:
My declaration of self-esteem:
I am me.  In all the world there is no one else exactly like me.  There are persons who have some parts like me, but no one adds up exactly like me.  Therefore, everything that comes out of me is authentically mine, because I alone chose it.  -Virginia Satir
Then comes the expansion on this idea (the book is tiny so it is just one little page)
Mantra for the day: 
Today I will be aware of my gifts, I will offer them and receive them thankfully.
Seriously…CHECK.IT.OUT.  Have a glorious day and be “aware of your gifts!”

Did you know…????

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So apparently, appliances that are OFF can STILL USE ELECTRICITY!  Whaaaaaat?  So the guy from Heroes on the Walmart (which speaking of discount chain store’s I have HUUUUGE news and commentary on another one of these after I finish the electricity story-I know, what a tangent!)commercial said that you need to actually UNPLUG the the device in order to save the most electricity- did not know!  He also suggested using power strips so that when you leave the house (or whenever you don’t need power to the items hooked up to it) you can just shut unplug the powerstrip.  Hmmm….food for thought, no?

OK, so now moving on to the “discount chain store” story.  Apparently (according to Yahoo!) Coke and Costo are in a huge price dispute and now Costco is not selling Coke products!   I don’t belong to Costco, but if I did…OMG my beloved diet Barq’s!


SO, that leads me to the age-old question…Which is better, Coke or Pepsi?  Your opinion?

Anyway, I’m enjoying a replay of last night’s fro-yo.  I definitely need both hand for this!  Bye blogger-friends!



Help people!  I need some help!  I need someone, anyone to please tell me WHY uggs make your feet smell so bad!  OY!  I think I need to start wearing socks!  Any advice?!?!?  Speaking of socks, look who came out to play tonight!!!

Obviously sitting cross-legged.  You know, I’m not even gonna ask if you think it’s too early…You know what I have to say about that? 

3 words:  TIS. THE. SEASON.

peace out!