Did you know…????

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So apparently, appliances that are OFF can STILL USE ELECTRICITY!  Whaaaaaat?  So the guy from Heroes on the Walmart (which speaking of discount chain store’s I have HUUUUGE news and commentary on another one of these after I finish the electricity story-I know, what a tangent!)commercial said that you need to actually UNPLUG the the device in order to save the most electricity- did not know!  He also suggested using power strips so that when you leave the house (or whenever you don’t need power to the items hooked up to it) you can just shut unplug the powerstrip.  Hmmm….food for thought, no?

OK, so now moving on to the “discount chain store” story.  Apparently (according to Yahoo!) Coke and Costo are in a huge price dispute and now Costco is not selling Coke products!   I don’t belong to Costco, but if I did…OMG my beloved diet Barq’s!


SO, that leads me to the age-old question…Which is better, Coke or Pepsi?  Your opinion?

Anyway, I’m enjoying a replay of last night’s fro-yo.  I definitely need both hand for this!  Bye blogger-friends!

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