Help people!  I need some help!  I need someone, anyone to please tell me WHY uggs make your feet smell so bad!  OY!  I think I need to start wearing socks!  Any advice?!?!?  Speaking of socks, look who came out to play tonight!!!

Obviously sitting cross-legged.  You know, I’m not even gonna ask if you think it’s too early…You know what I have to say about that? 

3 words:  TIS. THE. SEASON.

peace out!

4 thoughts on “The CULPRIT!

  1. I always wear socks with my uggs for that very reason. Its such a pain though. For some reason my socks always come off in my uggs and I have to constantly pull them back up lol. Good luck finding a solution. I’m gonna keep checking back to see if there are any other ideas .

    Oh and I love your blog 🙂 I found it through lisa paiges blog.

  2. I would try wearing socks with them….i wear them with all my uggs and my feet don’t sweat or smell. some of my friends go without socks and say their feet smell awful from them. hope that helps 🙂

  3. do u have a problem like this in any other shoes? it may be just your feet sweating. i wear all my uggs without socks and never had a problem with feet smelling bad

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