I’ve been a bad bad Blogger. Please forgive me-here’s my weekend recap!

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Hello bloggies!  I am SO sorry I have been so mia.  I love how I write that assuming people actually read my nonsense-I hope you do (and like it :-)) Anywhoooo, this weekend was a blast and tonight doesn’t seem as daunting as usualy Sunday nights due to Thanksgiving coming up soon!  Wohoooo!  Excited!  Seriously love this time, form like NOW until New Years.  So, here’s a lil recappy-cappy of my weekend.  All in a good time!

After work Friday I went straight to H & M to get a few scarves (before you even say it, they were for co-workers) and return a few items from  my shopping event the other day.  And as you can see below…the PPA got me.  Yea people, I know, I let those PPA get me!  Darnit!  Oh well.  At least they didn’t tow it  (Husband, if you’e reading this, the answer is no, there is no reason they would tow my car :-))

So, Friday night Husband and I just chilled and Bri was over as well.  No good pics, sorry.  I am basically a waste-oid Friday nightsf rom working the week!  (I know.  boo-hoo.)  It was definitley a fun time though!  We all ate heaven in a cup (Pumpking flavored PHILEO yogurt with mochi on it in my case).

YUP, that's the same crummy picture as before- Sorry (again, the reason why I couldn't be a food blogger :-))

So Saturday I actually had to go to the dentist just for a regular cleaning.,  I go every 3 months becuase I am crazy like that.  Anyway, the appointment kinda turned out to be a bummer.  While the hygienist said that I had virtually no tartar (which I TOTALLY pride myself on) I had another problem.  So a while back, literally overnight, I noticed I couldn’t get floss through my back lower teeth.  It was insane!  I floss every single night so this made NO SENSE.  SO I google it of course, talk to my cousing who’s a dentist, and all sign point to there just being some sort of debris between my teeth and that it would eventally could out (and I tried ton “work it  out” with all different applances; floss threaders, etc.).  BUT, guys, “work itself out it did not.”  So, I am noticing that I have been waking up with a clenched jaw and ground teeth, assumingly from stress (this happens to me from time to time).  Apparently a tiny piece of my tooth chipped and went between those two teeth.  But because it is really small and “superficial” aka I won’t need novicaine (thank GOD!), it didn’t hurt and I didn’t notice.  Nice Jess.  Anyway, that kinda sucked.

BUT, what did not suck was the restaurant that Ian and I went to on Saturday night. It’s called Smokin’ Bettty’s and it’s on the corner of 11th and Sansom in center city.  Anyway  the food was greeeaaat!  Husband and I got the sliders as an appetizer to split.  I only ate the chicken one becuase the other was beef and I wasn’t in the mood and the other was pork and we’re having that for slow-cooker sunday (thanks Lisa www.pamperedwithpaige.com !).  So I got the fish tacos and they were DELISH!  They were grilled mahi mahi with cabbage and salsa (I asked for no guac-sorry people, I know most people would be throwing some thing at me if you were in my presense, but I HATE guacamole, avacado and anything like that!).  they were so god but I just had one.  They served two but one was def filling!  I took the other one home but have yet to eat it because I have been so busy today. 

As for what I did during the day yesterday, after the dentist I went for a quick visit to my dad and Norman.

Then I ran on a track at a Middle School near my dad’s place.  I did 3 miles in 28:07.  It was a different cool track to run on (4 laps=1 mile) and there were a lot of trees with their leaves beaultifully turning so the scenery was lovely!  Unfortch. I think I was dehydrated because I got this cramp under my elft rib cage that I tend to get and have linked it to deydration.  ANY THOUGHTS ON THIS?  Def. comment please! 

Anyway, Sunday was SOOO fun AND productive!  How awesome?!!?  First I got up (late!  11:30!  Wootwoot!), had my coffee, and started my new book:

Then, I went on an AMAZING run down to Penn’s Landing and around the water.  I estimate it was around 3.5  miles maybe?  My time was 33:42.  It’s strange- I really think I run faster outside. My time says so and I say so!  I think I vary my speed a lot out side (am able to speed up then slow down when tired, etc.) and then the average time is less than my running at one pace on the TM. I guess I could just vary my pace on the TM, but I just wanna zone.  Any thoughts?

OK, so then I went to TARGET.  BIG shopping event.  I bought some adorable Christmas decorations (that I immediately put on display when I got home)

MY AMAZING vitamins (I used to be the WORST at taking vitamins- not these babies- I DO crave them!) 

Also got some new cereals.  The squares are totally new, can’t wait to try them tomorrow morning now, but the Kashi, is just a different variety ( I ususally get the original one)

The original:

I also got ingredients to make my friend Jen’s dinner tomorrow.  She had her baby!  Remember the baby brunch?  Anyway, Jacob Theodore was born last night!  Congrats Jen!  They will be eating baked ziti, meatballs, gingersnaps and baked eggplant (which I made in the new tiny crock I got:

So, I really need to go now becuase it is time to eat slow cooker Sunday’s fantabulous meal:  Jalepeno Cheddar cornbread and pulled pork (pictured in the above mama crock) YUMMMY! 

Peace out!

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