Terrific Tuesday!

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Don’t have a ton of time right now, but happy Tuesday and…



Husband sent AMAZING Hope’s Cookies


Here is what they looked like as I was ripping open the box

Anyway, it was our 5 year anniversary of meeting (the date we used as our anniversary prior to getting married) Friday, and so Ian arranged to have my FAV cookies delivered.  Well, school hours are abnormal, so I got them…TODAY!  OH well a cookie’s a cookie’s a cookie!

Finally, this week has been so crazy already, here is a reDICulous pic the HUsband snapped of Osc and I, as I face planted rather than “got into bed” the other night…Nice Jess (and Oscar SPRAWLED in the background)

This is making me miss my BED!


Is it Monday already?

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That was what I was thinking/feeling all day!  The weekend just flew by!  I guess time DOES fly when you’re having fun 😉  Anyway, I’m having a late dinner snack while blogging (2 of my favorite things!) and it LOOKED really good so I took a picture:


So, that’s an english muffin the Better Start kind with 100 cals.  They’re just OK.  Do-able.  On it is Skippy natural, and reduced sugar squeezy Welsh’s jelly- yum! 

The chips are baked and from Target-smoked bacon and cheddar.

Speaking of Target foods, it’s awesome.  Seriously, Target offering food is the best thing ever!  So I made Jen and her family (and new baby) dinner, becuase a group of the girls arranged food delivery for her.  SO I made ziti, meatballs, baked eggplant and ginger snaps.  All were pretty legit in terms of the home-made factor, EXCEPT the meat-ah-ball-ahs which got rave reviews.  Guess where they were from….Target!  Wootwoot!

Anyway, I have to admit, I just finished watching the finale of Jon and Kate…and am still wiping tears.  I know, I’m a sucker.  Anyway, it was saaaaad!  Bye dumb Jon, yuckhair Kate and adorable 8 😦 (Could only find an older pic)

Dude, it’s sooo weird seeing pics like this, no?


OK, enough of that.  Anyway, back on the food topic, I have been having some really good times with these babies:

I don’t know why, but I have been dipping into this bag often non-stop…And I cannot WAIT to top suffocate the sweet potato casserole I am making for TGiving with them…YUM! 

OK, in hopes of literally “sweet” dreams, going to bed!  Night!