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haha!  Feel SOOOO productive!  I guess that uber sleep last night charged me UP!  wootwoot!  Had the most lovely run!  I am sooo thankful for my strength and health.  I didn’t clock distance, I just ran 34:00, I believe equating to at least 3.5 miles.  The weather was beautiful and I ran down to Penn’s Landing, which was laiden with families celebrating the holiday.  So nice!  Anyway, I came home, took a shower, put my casserole together (see previous post-geeeez I REALLY need to teach myself how to insert links!  sorry!  will do soon) for Thanksgiving, and am getting ready to pack for NYC!  4/5 items done off the list!  yay (also see previous post for my list of things to do before we leave for my mom’s, which is supposed to be in about half hour-not happening)!

Speaking of my Thanksgiving, it will be smaller this year, but nonetheless interesting  fun.  The PLAYERS:

sissy Sara

Mom and Dad

Beautiful Grandma Adele 🙂

And Aunt Susie (who hates pictures so I couldn’t find one and got tired of scouring my hard drive)  Oh well, I will get a pic tonight.

So excited for New York, by the way-leaving after din-din!


OK, off to packing

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