Congrats Allie (and a cookie sample giveaway)!


Today I got a blow out from my girl Allie


at Lakshmi Hair Studio in Old City

So, Allie has deservingly won a top colorist award in Allure magazine (  Yay Allie-girl!  Congrats!  She did my hair for the wedding! 

My hair is getting longer quickly!

Excuse the blurry pic- my bberry STINKS at taking pics, but I insist on using it…I guess I’m too lazy to carry a camera 😉

Anyway, I just tried the cookies I ordered from  and they are AMAZING!  I got two flavors; black and white (115 cals)


and the cinnamon brownies – 107 cals (haven’t tried yet, but it looks to be happening in the forseeable future)

Fat Free Cookies Cinnamon brownies. Serving: Calories 107 Calories From Fat: 0

I saw them on Lisa’s blog and had to have them!  Thanks, LP!  Seriously people, you really have to try them.  In fact, you WILL try them!  The first ten readers to email me their mailing address will receive a sample of these delicious delights!  Please indicate your choice of either black and white cookie or cinnamon brownie.  Yay!  I guess this is my first official “giveaway!”  Fun!

Anyway, I am waiting patiently for Husband to come home.  Watching Biggest Loser: Where are They Now


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