Let the Shenanagans (sp?) begin!

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So dinner is almost ready, but the fun has JUST begun.  OY, so my g-ma, is always cold therefore my mom’s house is…let’s say unbearable to some most.  Just read the thermomether:

Yes, this says 75 degrees

My sister could not handle it…

She is standing in the doorway to the hall

Even Aunt Susie bailed

 Anyway, the table looks really cute!

LOVE the fall-themed confetti!

I did a little taste test inspection of the carrot cake I brought…YUM!

cream cheese icing is my friend...

BY the way, Husband was THRILLED to find out that the only beer available was “Natty Ice” according to my sister…lol poor Husband!

More pics and recaps to come!


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