Bad Blogger begone!

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Stupid stupid blogger!  So I left my computer charger on the bed rather than in my suitcase, so I could not post while in NYC!  Boo!  BUT, good news, here’s a slew of good posts comin’ at ya!

OK, so

Here were some of the eats as the TGiving table this year…Most were staples, but we had a few newbies this year!

Usual suffing, cranberry crap and candied yams(these were new to the table).  I did not partake in any of those.  TGving really isnt my holday.  I don’t like that kind of food.  Come to think of it, none of the holidays really feature my fav. foods, except-don’t get grossed out-Easter b/c I really love ham!  Never had it growing up but the saltiness is to die for!  I know, it’s gross.  Also on Easter, there is this amazing lasagna my Mom-in law gets.  YUM!  Can’t wait for Christmas (where I was promised it would be featured!)

Cornbread muffins- had about nine all of them.  My mom made hers in heart shaped pans and got the mix with real corn from Trader Joe’s, while the ones I brought were jalepeno cheddar left over from…a while ago…I steered clear of these (the slices under the muffins) and went for the “hearty” ones.  😉

String bean casserole- I dug into that initally but wasn’t really diggin’ it.   My mom used frozen stringbeans instead of the canned processed salty mushy ones I prefer 🙂

A new and DANGEROUS (meaning multiple “seconds”) addition- Sissy’s macaroni and cheese.  Damn you, Sara!  Soooo good!

Here is my lovely balanced and colorful plate (and must-have diet dr. p)

And for dessert- some carrot cake and apple pie (with coffee on the side- tried the coffeemate pumpkin spice…eh.)   Didn’t really have a lot for dessert-was fu-ul!  (and maybe I grabbed another cornbread pre-dessert as well)

Also at the dinner table…was me induring an incredibly awkward conversation started by my dad (surprise, surprise…this seriously happens EVERY time my family approaches the dinner table!  oy!

Also as the dinner table,

Sara and Dad

Beautiful GMa Adele!  Isn’t she beautiful!?!?  She’s on the market!

Handsome Husband and Oskie

Mom and Aunt Susie were there too but they narrowly escaped the camera!

All in all the holiday was a BLAST!  Hope your was amazing as well!

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