Relaxin’ at the Downes’ Ranch

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We are all relaxing here at home- it’s sooo lovely!  By the way, Oscar began his relaxing in the car ride home

So, while blogging and watching Raising Sextuplets…I know…. anyway, I am drinking the Celestial Seasonings “Sugar cookie Sleigh Ride” herbal tea that I read about on Lisa’s blog  it’s ok.  I think it smells more like sugar cookies than tastes like it.  But it’s warm and tasty enough!

Husband finally had luck finding it! I looked everywhere!

I also just finished reading “Body Surfing” by Anita Shreve, as mentioned in a previous post, and I really liked it.  Interesting story. Now, I am getting back into another Elin Hilderbrand book, Summer People.  I think I’ve described this before, but almost all of her novels take place on Nantucket and are real beach reads.  But, I like them becuase they are mindnumbing light and easy to read.

OK, hope your evening is going well!

Peace out!

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