Craaaaazy diet idea!

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Sorry I have been soooo busy!  Today was really busy!  I have been meaning to post this article for a while now, I saw it on-line last week (yes, it has taken me this long to post it).  BUT, I thought it was very interesting. The article asserts that you can “feast AND famine” in order to loose weight.  After reading the article, I realize it is just a quick-fix and might be like most other fad diets…but interesting nonetheless.  the concept is that you alternate everyother day with eating VERY minimal caloric intake one day (about 500, 1/4 of what most of us should be eating) and then “feast” on whatever the heck you want the next day and repeat.  Seriously people, in this
ah-ha moment, I realized that this is basically just averaging out the calories over a longer period of time rather then daily.  For example, if you at 2000 calories a day for 7 days, that would equal 14,000 calories (good math, huh?). BUT, if you ate like this instead:

Day 1     500

Day 2    3000

Day 3    500

Day 4    3000

Day 5    500

Day 6     2500

day 7     500

TOTAL = 9500

OK, maybe it WOULD be a good idea 😉  I dunno, guys, read the article here:


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