The DROID and a cute Oscar moment


First off…we are having a lazy day and look how good at it cute Oscar is! 

So, last night, I had a Susie-Homemaker moment and made those pretzle sandwich things and they were delish!  I used not just Hershey Kisses, but also York Peppermint Patties and Reeces PB Cups

Hershey's Kisses Chocolate   

YUM YUM…Sandwiched between


Thanks, Google images!

(I obviously forgot to take my own pics…sorry!)

Anyway, they were delish and I plan to make goodie baggies with the leftover supplies from this shindig…reminder:

Remember these?


OK, moving on….So the Husband got me and AWESOME Christmas present-a much needed new phone…A DROID!

It is SWEET but I am still learning how to use it.  I am soooo stubborn that when I get new things I refuse to read the instruction manual that comes with it.  I like to learn by self-exploration!  Anyway, this “self-exploration” leads to it taking a REALLY long time for me to not hate get used to it…PS: the situation is definitely made worse by the fact that I can’t stand “not being good at stuff”

So, consensus is…I’ll get back to ya when I understand it a little more 😉

Toodles!  Have a wonderful New Year’s Eve if I don’t blog before then!  What are your plans?!?!

…With a lil’ help from my friends ;-)


Today was one filled with friendship and love 😉  Heehee-cheesey but true.  After a painful morning run, I met up with my dear long-time friend, Kelly.  I went to her place, as I had not yet seen it and boy was I impressed!  It looks great!  She and her man, Mike live there and they’ve done a great job with the place.  We hung out at her house, then went to an adorable restaurant for lunch that was within walking distance under normal non-freezing conditions.  Their neighborhood is so cute.

Later in the evening, I went to Steph’s house and played with Luxy hung out with her 🙂 

Luxy Girl

Funny-she looks really small here

Deceiving camera angle

…BUT she weighs in at around 105 lbs!  Hahah!  She is so awesome.

Anyway, I am now relaxing at home with my amazing Husband. We are watching a show we actually agree on!  😉  Man Vs. Food.  Love it!

Bummer Runner!


So guys, I think I’ve hit the end of my honeymoon phase with running…Bummer.  I have these SERIOUS shin splints that get me literally CRYING by mile 3.  Help!  Any advice, guys?!?!?  So here is my plan of action, of which I have already begun…

1.  Rub down shin (mainly my left one-the one that is giving me the most problems) with ice each time I run and maybe in between

2.  Wear shin compression sleeves from Zensah, which I am not 100 percent sold on yet.

3.  Take it outside.  Get off of that horrid treadmill! 


Grrr….ok, please send suggestions my way!

Welcome back, welcome back, wel-come back…

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Hey all!  Long time no blog, eh?  Boy have I missed  it you!  So I amcurrently watching Julie and Julia again (taking advantage of the rental).  Husband and I watched it last night.  It was AWESOME (and so applicable to my new blog love)!  Anyway, I definitely reccommend it- fantastic!  So, we have a LOT to catch up on!  First, on the topic of “VERY old and  repetitive news,” here are some pictures of the yummy pretzel treat bag-making experience I had.  They were a hit, by the way 😉  Wootwoot!


Linin' up the pretzels

Smashing the candy canes with my foot (and Oscar's help, of course)

End result. Done and Done. Yumyum.

Here was the amazing dinner we had that night that I meant to blog about-sorry!  It is thin crust whole wheat Boboli crust with sauce, low fat cheese, and in Husband’s case, jalepenos.  It was sooo good!  We also had raw veggies and ranch on the side.  Total yumyum.



Everyone was feeling festive that evening 😉 

After dinner, I bagged and tagged the pretzels…

I was feeling VERY domestic that evening, as I also made…

Sugar cookies for my kids at school to decorate

Baked pita strips with dip for my school holiday luncheon

Then, it was time for Cincinnatti!  I was SOOOO excited to get out of the city!  We had SUCH a great time.  It was wonderful to spend the holiday with family and Kevin and Ali were such great hosts!  Ali is doing really well and makes the cutest pregnant girl 😉  We are very excited for the new arrival!  Anyway, here are some picture highlights…

The restaurant for Christmas Eve dinner (gorgeous, by the way)

Beautiful Christmas tree

Sweet ornaments!

Sweet ornaments!

Bundled up-it was chilly!

The star of the night...the kareoke machine Kevin and Ali got for Jim and Susan- we played ALL NIGHT! So fun!

Hat and gloves to run in yay!
I got some really cool running gear (pictured to the right) to keep me warm for my outdoor treks.
Overall, we had an awesome time!  I can’t wait to see everyone again and am really excited to have a neice!  I think I’ll be a pretty cool aunt, if I say so myself 😉
Anyway, moving on, when Ian and I returned from Cincy, we had our own lil’ Christmas.  I got the BEST stocking stuffers…and I finally received my precious Road ID.  Now, if Philadelphia could only creep out of freezing temperatures for a moment, then I could try to use it!

The coveted road ID



OK, I guess that’s it for now with the recap. I PROMISE I will be a better blogger…heehee- missed you all!


Merry Christmas and my first blog award!


First of all, MUCH love to my girl Lindsay who added a ton of happiness to my holiday by (among other amazing acts of kindness ;-)) passing me the Beautiful Blogger award-my first ever!   Wootwoot!  So I’m live from Cincy right not but unfortuately won’t be resuming normal posting (aka rambling and picture-laiden) and official acceptance and passage of my blogger award- until tomorrow when we fly back to Philly.  But until then, happy holidays to you are yours!  Much Christmas love!



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Last night I had a friend over and we were messing with Oscar a bit…but it was OH so fun, we couldn’t help ourselves!  While we made my lil’ pretzel treat bags for some special people, Oscar wanted to get in on the festivities too!

heehee Osc was NOT happy 😉 But we were!

 I think he is okay with it now, though as I gave him some lovin!

 Oh, and here is the look I’ve been rocking lately since the Philadelphia turned into the MidWest was hit with some CRAZY snow…The awesome new socks my Husband got me and polka dot waterproof boots 😉  cuuuuuuute!

So, totally off the topic, and maybe a damper on this cheery holiday post, but I have been a bit rocked by the death of Brittany Murphy.  I think the most intriguing and relative factor to me is the speculation behind whether or not she had an Eating Discorder. I am not going to debate this on the blog, although I will show you before and after pictures…

BEFORE (in Clueless-not a full body shot but you get the idea)

And AFTER (one of the last pictures taken of her before she died at the age of 32)

Brittany Murphy Upbeat at Last Public Appearance

Moving on, I guess what upsets me is her Husband’s quote regarding the Issue.  Denying the rumors of her ED, “Look at that smile,” he went on. “That’s not the smile of an anorexic or drug addict or someone in a bad marriage. That’s someone who was content with her life.” (according to Us Magazine)  UM SERIOUSLY?  What does the smile of an anorexic look like?  That is a TERRIBLE thing to say regardless of whether or not Brit was plagued by this awful disease or not.  Ironically, here is a picture of a SMILING Karen Carpenter who died at AGE 32, like Brit, from an Eating Disorder.

Just sayin’…

An exciting start to an exciting day!

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Wootwoot!  Last day of work/school before break!  This morning was fun, as I received some fun Christmas cheer from some special friends 😉  I got some really nice cards…

LOVE cards! Esp this one 😉

…and an awesome gift for my “hippie self” from Stephie girl!

A hippie container with soooo many yumyums!

BTW, those candy items are going RIGHT into my carry-on for Cincy!

…and here is me in the holiday cheer nibbling on an AMAZING donut hole- I LOVE the holiday munchkins at Dunkin! (insert jealous Husband here heehe)

And when I came back from lunch, some more goodies were waiting for me from a special friend 😉

Anyway, today is going to be soooo busy!  Here is a look!


Go STRAIGHT home, try to fit in a lil’ runny run

PACK for Cincy (gather gifts as well and figure out how to pack them)

Pack Oscar to go to Grandma Carol’s

Meet G-Ma Carol to “hand-off” Osc

Leave for airport by 8 PM for CINCY!

I will DEF be blogging on my vacay so look out!  Have a happy holiday humpday heheheh!

…and HERE are the pictures!

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So I was going through my phone and found A LOT of pictures that I forgot to post!  Bummer!  So, here they are with needed explanations. First off, WHAT is this?!?!?  Why was I taking this picture?  Looks quite seductive and I have NO idea why!!!  haha


I will start with the most recent promised pictures of the yummy decorative pretzles I made last night

total yumyum


…from the leftover candy-cane garnish from the peppermint martinis from the party (by the way, this new hyperlinking thing has changed my liiiiife- thanks, Linds!)

And speaking of the party, here were some blurry party people! 


…and the partay doggie stealing snack, caught in ACTION! 

And now I return you to our regularly scheduled HOLIDAY!  Here are some cool pictures from PIER ONE when I went on that awesome and efficient spree where I banged out literally ALL of my gifts in one night!  OH, and that was also the night I THOUGHT Verizon had hooked it up with a new phone… um yea, Husband didn’t even want to bring it home because he KNEW how annoyed I would be as the “new phone” we received was (drum roll please)…

…USED (or “certified like new.”  what BS!)  Oh well…at least it might hold a charge? 

OK, so back to Pier One…(and my ADD heehe) THE END RESULT:

Me in my favorite section…CLEARANCE!

Oh, and of course I had to slip in this little find (that I did NOT buy, but am SURE almost everyone who knows me since becoming a blogger thinks this)

Whatevs!  EVERYTHING is a photo op!  heehee toodles!

Happy Blogger makes happy Blogger


Yay!  Lindsay who showed me how to do the trick I just inserted into my post (changing the text of a hyperlink-wootwoot) just got the package I sent her! yay!  I am so happy she liked it.  It is so much fun making new friends 😉  Heehee so here are some updates and definintely check for pictures later- my camera has been acting up (aka dying every two seconds)…

1.  Yesterday was supposed to be my day off from running (as I did a 6-er on Friday, off Saturday then a 5-er on Sunday) BUT I arrived home to a package waiting for me at my door!  It was my goods from Zensah!  Of course I HAD to try some stuff out!  You can see exactly what I ordered here but the gist is that I got my first (an hopefully not last, Santa dear) running skirt, shin compression sleeves for my killer splints, and another pair of tights.  I needed to try out the compression socks and took at quick 3-mile jaunt.  Got in under 30 minutes, but have no good news about the compression sleeves, as my shins were already in bad shape from not taking enough recovery time.  Anyway, that was that.

2.  I had a TON of leftover candy canes from the party so I decided to make some treat bags for some co-workers, etc.  Nothing says Susie Homemaker like chocolate drizzled candy cane coated pretzels!  Pictures to come, but think like this but in mini pretzel snap form (from


3.  School for my kids is winding down, but we are having fun over here with holiday treats and fun.  Today I am making lil’ picture frames with them for their families (hey, why not pass on a little creativity to the kids!).  I also have to make their Christmas treat bags, and I do a “Yankee exchange” game where they unwrap a book and can trade for one before them or take the one they unwrapped. It’s funnnn!  yay!  Also, about school TOO funny- my dad came to visit the other day. He surprised me and my students.  It was awesome. Kids are SOOOO funny. One of my girls pulled me aside and asked quietly “does your dad know you’re married?!!?”  Haaha it was TOO funny…yes, I think he does…

4.  Cincinnati, Cincinnati!  Ahhhh! I am really excited but haven’t had enough time to give it my full excited attention- that will come at 3:45 tomorrow (when school’s officially OUT).  Until then, I need to PAAAAACK!  Ah nothing stresses me out more than packing!  Argh.  I KNOW I need to bring running clothese (for outdoors) and one fancy outfit for Christmas Eve dinner.  Other than that…HELP!  OY.

OK, toodles for now- check back later for some yum pics!

Yesterday was AWESOME!

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So, as you read ( my schedule, it indicated that yesterday was quite busy…and boy it was!  BUT…SOOOOO productive and awesome!


1.  Verizon wireless- OH HOW I LOVE THEE!  Wow, definitely NEVER thought i’d say that!  I went into the K of P store thinking it would be the usual- “it’s you not the phone” thing, but TIM at Verizon HOOKED IT UP!  My phone WAS actually messed up and they are sending me a new one!  NO need to re-read… yes, they are actually sending me a BRAND new bberry, it was NOT my fault (for once) AND the experience didn’t make me want to bang my head against the wall!  Wootwoot!

2. Onto Pier One I went!  So I quickly banged out gifts for Husband’s 3 secretaries (they are not all his but are all equally helpful ;-)) AND some REALLY cute stocking stuffers