“Santa’s” speedy super cyber spree

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So Cyber Monday went well for this lil’ Santa girl!  I did all of my shopping from HOME (for fear that the internet police woul catch me in action at work ;-)) and in about one hour!  WOOTWOOT!  My plastic must have been burning up and my mouse is begging for no more clicks!  heehee.  Anyway, I spent A LOT of time in the apple on-line store, and some time on Amazon…and Target…and Best Buy…and-you get the picture.  Anyway I have to be secretive on here because someone might be reading it who shouldn’t know what Santa has in store for them!  All in all, a GREAT shoppy shoppy-I feel very accomplished!  Only a few more presents to go!

PS:  I WAAAY prefer Cyber Monday to Black Friday!  How about you?

One thought on ““Santa’s” speedy super cyber spree

  1. Never braved the lines on black Friday so I was all about cyber Monday. I didn’t even know about it till last night though. Is this a new concept or am I behind the times.

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