Feeling Good! Booo-yah! And another great gift idea!


Although I am a bit sore, I am a LOT proud!  I ran a nice 5-miler today!  That’s huge for me because I have only done that distance a handful of times.  Anyway, here it is…my picture proof 🙂

I know I’m SUCH a dork!  I take pictures of the dumbest stuff!  hahah!  Anyway, moving on… Just look at my girl, Jessica Simps.  I’ve always loved her and always will.  I’ll admit it.  TEAM JESS all the way!

OK, so here is another GREAT gift idea I forgot to put in part one of my “20 great gifts” post…A SCARF WITH POCKETS!  Yes, people, you heard me!  When you are finished buying yourself one, it would be a great gift!

Here is the story behind it:

Last winter, Kristen and Sarah were at a club in downtown New York (They’re still not sure why). The coat check was expensive and the dance floor was hot and sweaty, so Kristen stashed her jacket in a dark corner somewhere in the vicinity of the DJ booth, praying nothing would be stolen out of the pockets, while Sarah kept accidentally whacking people on the dance floor with her gigantic purse. Determined to avoid this in the future, Kristen designed a scarf that functioned as a small tote so that someone could shed his or her coat or bag but still keep valuable items safe and close.  Thus, the Julian Scarf was born.  

– lightweight 100% rodeo cotton flannel outershell
– water resistant 100% nylon ripstop pockets
– invisible YKK zippers
– Remay label and wash tag
– subtle and vivid pocket options for each pattern

8″H 80″W (Pockets: 7″D 7″W)

They retail for only $30.00!  And come in all sorts of cute fabrics!  Check these babies out at https://www.wintercheckfactory.com/shop/1166-JULIAN-SCARF

YUUMMMM munching on Baby Ruth mini bars (my fav!) rotting my teeth before bed…nice.  Nighties!

5 thoughts on “Feeling Good! Booo-yah! And another great gift idea!

  1. Ugh, I’m so proud of you and jealous at the same time! I so wish I could run 5 miles, I will get there eventually…! What is that picture of (the one with your mileage and stuff) – is it a fancy watch or is it your treadmill?

  2. Hey,
    I just wanted to send your blog some love!!! I started reading after Lisa posted it on her blog, and now I am reading almost every day! Keep up the good work. You are getting there.
    I am currently an Eled/Sped major at Millersville University, and I have been thinking about starting my own blog, have not had the guts to do it because I feel like no one will read it.
    I saw on goodiesgalore that you were feeling down. Hey- It’s all about the ups and downes right??

  3. This is a really random question but you mentioned traveling in a couple of your posts. I’m trying to plan a trip with my girlfriend to Riviera A Maya (or however it’s spelled lol). Sadly, I really don’t travel much and I need advice on where to go to find good deals…any suggestions? Ha I know I’m pathetic!


    • Oh I CANNOT wait to do a post on this for you- look for it soon. I LOVE traveling and always do it WELL and on a budget. I will research Riviera Maya for you and post soon! Thanks for reading!

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