So, the Shenanagans actually went down in April (the 25th to be precise) but the two people who read my blog 😉 wanted a recap!  And…well, let’s just say I am A-OK providing this (any excuse to look through pics again!)

So, here is how it all went down.  Friday, Ian and I actually got married legally in the Judge’s chambers. Due to the Judge (who Ian clerked for and is so wonderful) being in NJ, we had to actually get married before the real ceremony (the next day). This was supposed to be a surprise (but we all know how wonderful I am at keeping surprises).  Here are some pics:  

Almost married…

MARRIED!  haha!  i roped him in!  😉

PS:  how do you like my “Carrie-style” (SITC) white suit and blue patent shoes!??!?!  With Husband’s family

and my family

“New” sister-in-law Ali and I trying to get the rehearsal started!  Do you like my 40 dollar dress for the rehearsal and dinner!??!  Always a bargain!  I was channeling June Cleaver 😉

Reharsal dinner was AMAZING and out-of-control!  The Downeses TRULY know how to party!  The partay was at the Independence Seaport Museum-we got the WHOLE museum to ourselves!  The night was anchored by KARAOKE!  It was SOOOO fun! Thanks again, Papa Jim and Mama Sue!

Future Husband and I were having a moment 😉

Ian’s besties from Cali- we are STILL trying to figure out what is growing out of Mike’s beard!  hahaha

And yes, this is me on the table- please remember- I had not a DROP of alch in my system!  BTW, that is not a guest, but a security guard making sure to cover his ass 😉  heehee

OK, moving on…So the next day was the BIG event!  Here are the handsome men the morning of the wedding in front of our house

Here are my pretty girls on Broad Street right after the ceremony (from right to left- Stephie, sister in law Ali, Kristin, bestie from WAY back Kelly, sissy Sara and Brianna)

…and my adorable ring bearer (cousin Dylan with his Mom- coolest mom ever, by the way- Trish has 3 kiddos already- how beautiful is she?!?!?)

Here was me walking down the aisle 😉  (such memories!)

With my “new family”

OMG what a tool I am!

Let the “dragging the Husband” begin!

THE RECEPTION!  (and some details I was proud of ’cause I designed them!)

Centerpieces and table numbers (I wanted a grassy organic field, as my reception took place atop the Kimmel Center in the Garden which resembles a greeenhouse-you can see the domed glass ceiling in the picture below and when you are standing in the Garden you can see ALL of Philadelphia and into New Jersey!)

The menu and favor- personalized wine!  LOVE it!  Still drinking it 😉

MAAAAAN I wish I had a pic of the candy bar! It was probably the best part of the wedding!  There were MANY different brown and green candies (our colors, duh) in beautiful apothecary jars, and guests could scoop their own. IT was AWESOME!

The girls’ bouquet

The cake- YUMMMM!

SERIOUSLY Rocking out (and about to have a wardrobe malfunction!)

Me with my boy’s boys 😉

Dancing with my Dad

And our first dance

The obligatory chair dance

Taking a break with the girls

And finally…The AFTER PARTY!  (It was indoor/outdoor at the bar in the Kimmel Center- great view of Broad Street below)

Wardrobe change- my sissy had gotten this dress for 20 bucks at Daffy’s or something the morning of!  hahah

Limo-ing it back to the HO-TEL 😉

OH WHAT A NIGHT!  The new Mr and Mrs!

Hmmmm…a shame we can’t do it again 😉  BUT, I will say that planning that special event was the most amazing time ever and maybe in my future career I will be an event planner (on a budget of course ;-)) you never know!

Hopw you enjoyed the recap!  Maybe a Honeymoon one will come soon!

Peace love and all of those good things



10 thoughts on “WEDDING RECAP

  1. So beautiful! I can’t wait to plan my wedding (I’m not engaged haha). My boyfriend’s sister is getting married in October and it’s so fun to hear all about her planning!

    • I loved your wedding gown and your suit was FAB! def SITC all the waaaay : ) ohh and can’t forget that cake!!! that looked to die for!! thanks for sharing the recap now we need the recap of the honeymoon pictures : ) where did you go?

      • Haha thanks, girl! Honeymoon recap is DEF to come! It was awesome! We went to Hawaii! We actually went to Oregon for a wedding which was AWESOME and then flew to Hawaii. Can’t wait to recap! The cake, btw was amazing! To die for! Half was chocolate with raspberry truffle filling and the other half was vanilla with lemon curd-YUMMMM!

  2. Love your dress, the venue, the colorsssssss!!! i love everything! i am getting married 09/25/10 so wedding pics are my favvvvv right now obv.! i just wanted to let you know i got your page from lisa paige’s blog and have been following you! too cute 🙂

    my blog is –>share sum luv!

    • YAY! That’s great! We will have to discuss! I simply LOVED planning our wedding! I still enjoy wedding things! 25 is a good day, btw 😉 (I got married 4-25-09) Anyway, thanks for following! I will definitely shout you out soon!

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