Ah-ha! I was right! And a great article…

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Well…sorta!  So, in my post of the top 20 gifts https://upsanddownes.wordpress.com/2009/12/02/i-have-hooked-it-up-part-1-20-great-gifts-list-2009/ (I promise installment two is coming soon) I noted the Amazon Kindle.  So Iget this email saying “Amazon Kindle: The Hottest Gift of the Season” and I get soooo excited!  I’m like, “booyah!”  Um yea, the Sender was Amazon.  They created the Kindle.  Anyway, I still think it is a great gift!

Amazon Kindle: The Hottest Gift of the Season

Moving on, a former student of mine (when I taught Yoga at a local College,) emailed me the following article focused on my two favorite things:  teaching and yoga!  Thanks so much, NIkki!  It is really interesting and of course I will use it to back up my practice of ocassionally teaching my students a pose or two.  Find the article it here: http://www.startribune.com/lifestyle/76320887.html



My friend Shiya Mangal has opened her own Yoga Stuido!  I am so proud of her for fulfilling this dream of hers.  Last night Ian and I went to the opening of the studio and it is gorgeous!  Here I am in my “blogger gear”

I can’t wait to practice there myself as it is clear how much pride she has put into the studio.  

LOVE this applique!

The alter

The cool thing about Shiya is that she “practices what she preaches,” meaning that by being a yoga instructor (and now studio owner) she attempts to adhere to the 8 limbs of yoga, not just asana (physical practice). For instance, Shiya did this cool “Off the mat, Into the World Bare Witness Humanitarian Challange” where she  raised $20,000.00 for the Cambodian Children’s Fund and traveled to Cambodia to work.  Truly Awesome.  Here she is with her man, Scott (they are also my neighbors!)

Definitely check it out!  You can visit the website (www.shantiyogashala.org) for more information.  There are class schedules, teacher bios, and a special “inspiration section” that is really interesting. 

OK, so REALLY funny- we had a grea time at the opening, except that the Husband was briefly furious annoyed with me becuase when we got there we realized that we had to take our shoes off, and he thought that I knew that and didn’t tell him!  Well, he had holes in his socks! HAHAH!  Ok, and my pedi needs some serious work too, but how funny!

LOL.  Anyway, Definitely be sure to check out Shanti Yoga Shala (www.shantiyogashala.org) which btw literally means peaceful yoga (union) center.  It is at the corner of 3rd and New Streets, New is between Race and Vine Streets in Old City.  215-923-9642 (YOGA) info@shantiyogashala.org (for information AND customized “yoga plans”)

Namaste!  😉

Random Saturday

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FIRST OF ALL, I must start this post with this picture.  It needs no explanation.

Comfy, cozy AND festive!  OK, so I will admit, the toes are kinda annoying.  Oh well.

Moving on, it is SNOWING!  Yay!  I LOOOOVE snow!  The first snow of the season is soooo awesome, but does NOT ph0tograph well.  Here are my lame attempts to capture this festive event, and they look like it could be springtime, for heaven’s sake, but it does show off my cute backyard 😉

That tree and bench are definitely on my “top ten things I love about my house” list.  You know, I am DEF going to post that!  Anyway, here is another picture, looking down from the steps

  So I managed to put up like two Christmas decorations today before retreating to the couch again.  Remember I love cheesey personalized things…

Obviously I have yet to put Oscar’s stocking up, but it will go in the middle 🙂

OK, that’s it for now!  Toodles!

The New York post that (almost never) finally made it


So, I was uploading pictures for today’s posts and I came across these awesome New York pictures that I never posted.  I think I got so carried away with boasting about the hotel room that I forgot to post about what we actually DID while in NYC!  We walked on 5th Avenue to WINDOW shop (and we actually only did just that-yay!) but it was Black Friday so it was incredibly crowded and difficult to walk with Oscar who had to stop and eat EVERYTHING on the ground (I know, ew.).  But, it was sooo fun and we saw the tree at Rockefeller!  Although pre-lights it was beautiful!

Of course I had to pose…

…and put Oscar through it too 😉

Some might find that picture to be ridiculous, but whatevs, dude, it he is too cute, no?

Then, as promised to Husband (not like he needed to twist my arm) we made the Crumbs Trip

Oscar was NOT happy that he he was not invited inside and cried/gave the evil stare intermittently the entire time

I allowed Husband to go in, as I felt he HAD to have the “Crumbs Experience” (my mouth is watering right now, btw.)  Here was my view 😦

(Note Husband’s “Crumb Trance”  heehee)

Oh, and here were TWO of the FOUR ridiculous shrimp I discussed in my inital New York post https://upsanddownes.wordpress.com/2009/11/28/welcome-to-new-york-you-know-the-concrete-jungle-where-dreams-are-made-up/ SORRY!  I can’t figure out how to embed these properly!  I will try to figure out soon but if you know how to do this please tell me!

OK, those are making me really hangry.  I need to go get something to eat.   YUM  I think I am going to have a Cereal Special (I have been mixing cereals according to what I am in the mood for and it is AMAZING).  My favorite Cereal Special right now is

Cascadian Farms cereal found at Whole Foods, variety shown above, and Kashi Go Lean Crunch Honey Almond Flax PLUS

Barbara’s brand shredded spoonfuls (also Whole Foods)

and white raisins (the plumper the better, I say!)

The end result?  DELISH!  Gotta go me some NOW!  Back in a few with another post for today 😉


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After hearing raaave reviews from sisters Lisa (pamperedwithpaige.com) and Lindsay (goodiesgalore.wordpress.com), I hesitantly finally decided to try spaghetti squash…LOVE IT!  I am offically addicted.  UNfortch, the husband is NOT.  Whatevs, more for me!  lunch leftovers (from yesterday)!

yum yum yum


Anyway, I do  NOT know what is wrong with me!  I haven’t been feeling exactly right lately, which there are some things that I know are contributing to this, but today I woke up at 2 PM!  Yes, people you heard me- 2 PM!  What the heck!??! And the worst thing? I AM STILL TIRED!  Boooo!  What is wrong with me?  I even went to bed at maybe 11 last night?  oy!  Last night Ian and I went to the opening party of my friend’s yoga studio.  It is really cool that she is fulfilling this dream of hers and I am proud.  Review post to follow, but I am currently watching re-runs of Say Yes to the Dress.  What is it about that show that gets me?  Anyway, talk to you in a bit!

-your ridiculous lazy blogger friend