Ah-ha! I was right! And a great article…

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Well…sorta!  So, in my post of the top 20 gifts https://upsanddownes.wordpress.com/2009/12/02/i-have-hooked-it-up-part-1-20-great-gifts-list-2009/ (I promise installment two is coming soon) I noted the Amazon Kindle.  So Iget this email saying “Amazon Kindle: The Hottest Gift of the Season” and I get soooo excited!  I’m like, “booyah!”  Um yea, the Sender was Amazon.  They created the Kindle.  Anyway, I still think it is a great gift!

Amazon Kindle: The Hottest Gift of the Season

Moving on, a former student of mine (when I taught Yoga at a local College,) emailed me the following article focused on my two favorite things:  teaching and yoga!  Thanks so much, NIkki!  It is really interesting and of course I will use it to back up my practice of ocassionally teaching my students a pose or two.  Find the article it here: http://www.startribune.com/lifestyle/76320887.html

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