My friend Shiya Mangal has opened her own Yoga Stuido!  I am so proud of her for fulfilling this dream of hers.  Last night Ian and I went to the opening of the studio and it is gorgeous!  Here I am in my “blogger gear”

I can’t wait to practice there myself as it is clear how much pride she has put into the studio.  

LOVE this applique!

The alter

The cool thing about Shiya is that she “practices what she preaches,” meaning that by being a yoga instructor (and now studio owner) she attempts to adhere to the 8 limbs of yoga, not just asana (physical practice). For instance, Shiya did this cool “Off the mat, Into the World Bare Witness Humanitarian Challange” where she  raised $20,000.00 for the Cambodian Children’s Fund and traveled to Cambodia to work.  Truly Awesome.  Here she is with her man, Scott (they are also my neighbors!)

Definitely check it out!  You can visit the website ( for more information.  There are class schedules, teacher bios, and a special “inspiration section” that is really interesting. 

OK, so REALLY funny- we had a grea time at the opening, except that the Husband was briefly furious annoyed with me becuase when we got there we realized that we had to take our shoes off, and he thought that I knew that and didn’t tell him!  Well, he had holes in his socks! HAHAH!  Ok, and my pedi needs some serious work too, but how funny!

LOL.  Anyway, Definitely be sure to check out Shanti Yoga Shala ( which btw literally means peaceful yoga (union) center.  It is at the corner of 3rd and New Streets, New is between Race and Vine Streets in Old City.  215-923-9642 (YOGA) (for information AND customized “yoga plans”)

Namaste!  😉

3 thoughts on “AWESOME NEW PHILLY YOGA STUDIO- Shanti Yoga Shala

  1. Thank you so much for all the wonderful info you shared about the studio! I am so glad to be open and it’s so special to have friends supporting my new yoga school.

    Om Shanti!

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