Random Saturday

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FIRST OF ALL, I must start this post with this picture.  It needs no explanation.

Comfy, cozy AND festive!  OK, so I will admit, the toes are kinda annoying.  Oh well.

Moving on, it is SNOWING!  Yay!  I LOOOOVE snow!  The first snow of the season is soooo awesome, but does NOT ph0tograph well.  Here are my lame attempts to capture this festive event, and they look like it could be springtime, for heaven’s sake, but it does show off my cute backyard 😉

That tree and bench are definitely on my “top ten things I love about my house” list.  You know, I am DEF going to post that!  Anyway, here is another picture, looking down from the steps

  So I managed to put up like two Christmas decorations today before retreating to the couch again.  Remember I love cheesey personalized things…

Obviously I have yet to put Oscar’s stocking up, but it will go in the middle 🙂

OK, that’s it for now!  Toodles!

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