My PERSONAL Christmas List ;-)


I am a good gift lister for others, but sometimes a girl wants some stuff herself too 😉  Here are some of my favs for this season… please Santa 🙂

1.  A new phone- not AS impt. now that my crack-berry works, but it would be niiiiiice 😉  Anything to help my bloggin 😉

Verizon Droid by Motorola

2.  A spa gift cert- my aching new running legs!  I LOVE things to take care of myself 😉  mmmmm…I can feel the massage now!

3.  UGGS.  Any kind at all!  I know, I have an obsession!  BUT, I do like these babies, cause I have been feeling the moc look:

UGG Dakota Chestnut

4.  ANYTHING personalized- I LOOOVE that stuff!  I always get people personalized stuff but I have like NONE!  I feel like that is soooo thoughtful.  Great places for this:

5.  [IMG_0754[3].jpg]

A RUNNING skirt or any other gear like that.  Caitlin from (pictured above in an AWESOME skirt) says it is motivating.  I agree!  When I get into something (like running) I loooove getting new “gear” for it!  REALLY need new sneakers too but I told Husband that many times.

6.  REAL MUK-LUKS from Vickie’s

Stripe mukluk

7.  Jewlery.  Duh.  Any girl likes that!  I am DEF feeling black diamonds, though.  These are sooo cool!

It would be nice to alternate with my white studs 🙂  also, they are relatively inexpensive.  A carat pair like the one above is for less than 200!

OK, that’s enough for now, but PLEASE understand. This was not just a selfish list, but for YOU, bloggies- so that you can make some suggestions or do some last minute shopping!  heehee

Catch ya later!

4 thoughts on “My PERSONAL Christmas List ;-)

  1. I own the Dakota Ugg slippers and I loveee them…Also love that depending on what size you are (I’m an 8 in Uggs which equal Kids 6) you can get the kids version cheaper!

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