NOW we’re talking-my kind of list: 25 Ridiculously Healthy Foods

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This is from Prevention.  Love it!

1.  Eggs totally not my thing unless mixed with something, like cake batter

2.  Greek Yogurt trying to get into it…aka almost bought it once 😉

3.  Fat Free Milk I hope Lactaid counts

4.  Salmon waaaait wasn’t on the “don’t eat list” or was that just farm-raised?  whatever I’m going with the other list- I don’t like salmon

5.  Lean Beef I could be convinced…at a nice steakhouse dinner date with Husband (hint)

6.  Beans one word:  NO.

7. Nuts eh

8.  Tofu and Edamame no but yes

9. Oatmeal still working on it

10.  Flaxseed yesssss i KNEW my purchase was worth it!

LOVE Flax Packs!

11.  Olive oil I cook with it

12.  Avocado can’t get past the texture…blech

13.  Broccoli like it, but need to do it more

14.  Spinach serious yumyum

15.  Tomatoes love it, Husband hates it

16.  Sweet Potatoes yesss my babies made it to another “positive food list!”

17.  Garlic again, love it, I’m sure Husband not so much (after I eat it at least heehee:-))

18.  Red Peppers blech, always missing from my stir fry

19.  Figs yumyum but soooo caloric and terrible for your teeth (I’m a crazy tooth-health girl)

20. Blueberries liking it.

21. Asian Pears sound good, but again need to make an effort to do more

22.  Lychee won’e even eat that fro yo flavor. no way.

23.  Apples ohhhhh but of course they need to be organic according to the “worst foods list”

24.  Guava such an island fruit that I’ve only had it when on vacay on an island

25. Dark Chocolate not even an ok substitute for milk choc



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