My review of the Snuggie


OK, so I admit it, I’m a brat.  I could not wait for Santa to bring me a Snuggie…not even the “Hanukah Santa.”  Listen, people, don’t judge.  I wanted to try to hang out downstairs more with the Husband and the big TV where it is normally too cold for me (hence the Snuggie).  Anyway, I broke down and bought myself one at during a previous Target run, of which I did NOT mention on the blog…cause I was embarassed I caved for the Snuggie.  You don’t understand, I’m always cold!

Excuse the bad pic and the purple bruise on my lip- I had to get something lasered yesterday…hurts!  😦

Anyway, the Sunggie is just OK.  It is fine for sitting and watching TV (and possible even sipping a drink) as the commercial implies, but tha tis really ALL you can do with it.  And let’s just say I’m not very good at just sitting and watching TV sipping a drink for an extended period of time…Anyway, the result of doing…pretty much anything else is:

The thing is CONSTANTLY slipping off.  Anyway, how cute does Osc look?  He just got groomed! 

He’s smiling for you

Exhausting day, no?

I hate when his eyes come out like that in pics…is he is a devilish dog though sometimes!  😉

Back to the Snuggie, it does keep you warm, just don’t expect to be able to move function well with it.  Scale of 1-10?  Ehhhh….just get. it.  It’s less than 20 bucks at Target!  OK, toodles!

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