X-mas came early…In the form of Hanukah! heehee kidding!

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I had a wonderful time with my family last night for a Hanukah get-together that included a beautiful fire (that needed a LOT of TLC :-))

Dad, Mom, Aunt Susie, Sissy Sara, Husband and Oscar (who is not pictured becuase he was occupied the ENTIRE time with the present Grandma Carol gave him-a bully stick)…

I LOVE candid shots!  🙂

Anyway, the evening also included PRESENTS!  Wootwoot!

I got, among other AMAZING things…

sweeet mukluk socks

A Phileo t-shirt yup, you read that right people, and it is AWESOME!

A gift cert from this AMAZING store Philadelphia runner, www.philadelphiarunner.com, where you can have an expert “prescribe” you a pair of sneakers based on YOUR run.  The way is works is that the person observes you on a tradmill and i guess examines your foot (?) and then suggests certain pairs of running shoes. I am psyyyyyyyyched!  ALL f those things were from Husband!  He ROCKS!

Speaking of Husband, he was certianly thrilled excited about the wii console I got him, asd he is mocking me in this picture 😉

along with games and accessories from my family (below he is explaning them):

Mom liked her engraved iPod Nano (www.ipod.com– engraving is free and awesome)

And Sissy Sara liked her engraved Nano:

…but a jacket my mama got her, not so much…oh well, maybe she’ll re-gift to me?!?!!?

Dad LOVED and I mean LOVED his Kindle!  yay!  Great success!

ALL in all, great pictures…

Great memories!  🙂

Happy Holidays!

One thought on “X-mas came early…In the form of Hanukah! heehee kidding!

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