So, tonight I had a run that really kicked my bum mentally mostly.  Bummer!  I was SO excited to run outside even though it was freezing here (literally-35 degrees as the sun was setting and I went when it was dark! Well, I was getting really bored with the treadmill, was craving fresh air and wanted to try out my new gear that I got from my family for Hanukah:

I also wanted to try out my Garmin 50 again- hoping I would have more sucess with the foot pod in terms of calculating distance after reading through the manual.  Well, this was the FIRST thing that went wrong- Garmin wouldn’t work  I could not properly operate the Garmin.

SECOND thing- See these lovely pics I took really excited BEFORE the run, WITH my gloves on, well, I LEFT THEM IN THE HOUSE while messing with my ipod!

THIRD thing- said ipod decided to run out of battery completely just as I was about a quarter into my planned run!  BOO!

THEN, FOURTH thing, I realize the reason my arms are freezing off is because the jacket I was wearing apparently needed a layer underneath…ROOKIE!

NOT a happy camper.  OH well.  At least Oscar is still cute…

This was him with gingerbread on his face after he got into a present...nice

4 thoughts on “BUMMER RUN!

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