Help! Drowning in holiday madness!


OK, so workout will NOT be happening today especially after last night’s shenanagans, click here for more 

Shins are killer!  By the way, I ordered the Zensah compression sleeves for my lower legs which have NOT been faring well through my runs…

(…as well as a running skirt that was wicked cheap and wanted forever)

…and Compression Capris

OK moving on!

Some of my favorite bloggy buddies (see Lindsay at have been posting their holiday schedules and it is contagious, so here I go…(ps:  i also find this to be very cathartic and helpful to my control-freak scheduled personality)

TODAY  12- 17—> Work, go to Verizon store to get my phone fixed YET again (it will just decide to stop getting emails now every so often) even though I was just there less than a week ago with the same problem, go to kofp mall to grab last-minute neglected gifts, Dollar Store if possible to secure some last-minute partay items and stuff for schoolkids, attend an event at school(work) at 7:15, arrive home to an un-fed Husband empty house (Husband has a weirdo movie thing he is going to-Nerd.) hopefully by 9 to resume wrapping and pass out.

FRIDAY 12-18—> Work (only the morning thought becuase I have a dr. appt.), 12:30 Dr. Appointment, long run (a 5-er but haven’t decided inside or if I am ready to brave outside again), gift wrap ALL presents for the family we sponsored this holiday through my job and any remaining to put under the tree for the BIG ANNUAL HOLIDAY PARTY (Saturday 12-19), make collection bin (in silver theme) for donations for said holiday party (we collect toys for children in need at our annual holiday party-year 5 by the way!), finalize said holiday party menu which so far looks like this (and shop for party groceries):

1.  Chic-fil-A nugget trays (2) with dipping sauces- they go like HOT CAKES- really think this is why most people come

2.  Philly soft pretzel nugget trays with dipping sauces

3.  Crudite BLAAAAAAH

4.  Baked Ziti-a new addition, homemade by yours truly!

5.  Chips and Dip

6.  Hummus/Veg tray

7.  DESSERT- I can’t even DISCUSS until Husband and I discuss becuase he will get MAAAAAAD!  He is SUCH a dessert guy!






OMG how is this list making me more stressed!??!?!?

Saturday 12-19—> PARTY NIGHT!!!!!  Wootwoot!  Prepare!  This list will have to be a separate post beucase I am getting anxious as we speak- check back later…

Sunday 12-20—> RECOOP!  Long run (another 5-er hopefully), veg, FalalalaLifetime!  Slow-cooker Sunday TBD!

Monday 12-21—> Work-field trip at school :-), Dr. Appointment (weekly one), gym (strength/cross training, 45 minutes on elliptical at 7 intensity), Philadelphia Runner 1st trip (remember Husband got me that awesome gift certificate for Hanukah, click  here as I am planning on logging miles while away over Christmas and want to make sure I am prepared for ANYTHING!  I also need to do the “new running shoe” thing, so check back Monday for the post about this experience!

Tuesday 12-22—> Work, Group at Renfrew (from 5-6:30), Pack for Cincinnatti (our Christmas destination- we are visiting Ian’s brother and his wife, plus Mama and Papa Downes), Get all work-related gifts together as Wednesday is the last work day and LOAD INTO CAR the night before (I am a complete and total morning-flake!), Check into our next-day flight to Cincy!

Wednesday 12-23—> Last WORK day before BREAK :-), luncheon at work, party for da kids :-), pack carry-on for trip, head to the airport at about 8:00 PM four our 10:00 PM flight, and land in Cincy sometime that evening (or maybe early the next morning depending on how much air-traffic control hates us.  Sounds like an awesome day, no?  Tired thinking about it!

Thursday 12-24—> Christmas Eve Day!  Yippeeee!  We will be in Cincy!

Friday 12-25—> Christmas Day!  PS:  I WILL be blogging about out adventures in the “mid-west” while there, so check back for updates!

Saturday 12-26—> We leave Cincy at about noon and will return to Philly in the afternoon, at which time I will spend a MINIMUM of an hour cuddling my baby-boy 🙂

Sunday 12-27-Monday 1-4 ARE ALLLLL MIIIIINE!  heehee Winter break, here I come, baby!  🙂


PS:  soooo stressed now! hahahah

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