Well, hello hello!

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TGIF people!  wootwoot!  Working on a post for yesterday…hint, yesterday was FABU!  Look for it later today.  BUT, for now, just wanted to pass on some interesting Friday stuff.

1. Ordered up some snow for the partay to make it more festive and (drum roll please)…it’s on its way!

Speaking of snow, I actually am NOT dreaming of a white Christmas because I think it will make for a NIGHTMARE of traveling. I am SOOOO excited for Cincy and want to GET THERE!  heehee

Saturday, Dec 19
High: 35 °F RealFeel®: 16 °F
Breezy with snow of varying intensity, accumulating 2-4 inches
Saturday Night, Dec 19
Low: 23 °F RealFeel®: 12 °F
Cloudy, breezy and cold with snow tapering off, accumulating an additional 2-4 inches

2.  How redonk is Oscar’s chew toy?  Seriously?  Pretty cool no?  Dog’s life

Wise Oscar Pictures, as requested by Husband

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So Husband and I had a great time the other night taking pictures of Oscar…I know, we’re off our rockers.  Anyway, Husband LOVED some of them!  This was his favorite,  he things Oscar looks very WISE!

I’ll admit, he does have quite a soulful look on his face.  I like this one:

Close-up!  Haha!  Husband also liked this one- he actually REALLY liked it (I was proud)


WOW, that is an awesome picture…”Oh Oscar!”

Planning my run for tomorrow

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So I am mentally preparing for my run tomrrow (a long one for me-5 or maybe even 6 miler!)  because I felt so defeated after the last one (https://upsanddownes.wordpress.com/2009/12/17/bummer-run/) …and I am doing so while scarfing down salty tortilla chips (so clearly the physical prep thing hasn’t come yet.  Heehee).  Anyway, THIS time I am planning to…

1. Charge my iPod so it doesn’t run out of batteries like last time…I had even downloaded some tunes last time before it crashed. Oh well, you live and learn!   

2.  Use the new Bose headphones Husband got me…’cause they’re AWESOME!

3.  Decide whether I want to do an indoor run- way easier to prep for- or an outside run- scary but I get to wear my fun new gear again…

Dunno, it will be a game-time decision.  I’ll let you guys know… 🙂


A Post for my Grandma


So, my grandmother is THE best human on EARTH.  I am NOT kidding.  Woah, sorry-lotta caps there 😉  She is beautiful, graceful and holds herself SO well both for her age and experiences.  

At her birthday party- she is so pretty

Anyway, here is an example of one of the awesome things she does (and the the way she is)…

Oscar got a Christmas card from (signed) great-grandma- HOW CUTE?!?!?

Heehee-sooo adorable!  He LOVED IT!  He LOOOOVES his Great-Grandma, but she doesn’t REALLY like it when he jumps at all high.  Anyway, as you saw on the envelope, she lives in Scranton, Pa, as does Leslie’s GMom (from www.andherlittledogtoo.com) small world, no?  Eh, not really…I think a lot of GMom’s live in Northeastern PA.  hehe ANYWAY, she also lives in Florida for the winter,  It is AWESOME and Husband and I always make it down there at least once a winter (usually during  MLK weekend in January).  She runs us down!  Her energy is unreal!  Go Grandma!  Love you…oh, who am I kidding, she will never find this in cyber space (my mom will prob print it for her) BUT she does know how to make a call from her cell phone!