Planning my run for tomorrow

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So I am mentally preparing for my run tomrrow (a long one for me-5 or maybe even 6 miler!)  because I felt so defeated after the last one ( …and I am doing so while scarfing down salty tortilla chips (so clearly the physical prep thing hasn’t come yet.  Heehee).  Anyway, THIS time I am planning to…

1. Charge my iPod so it doesn’t run out of batteries like last time…I had even downloaded some tunes last time before it crashed. Oh well, you live and learn!   

2.  Use the new Bose headphones Husband got me…’cause they’re AWESOME!

3.  Decide whether I want to do an indoor run- way easier to prep for- or an outside run- scary but I get to wear my fun new gear again…

Dunno, it will be a game-time decision.  I’ll let you guys know… 🙂


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