Oh, Mother Nature, you are TOO funny! ;-)

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So,  I guess it’s a good thing that most of our friends live in the city because the party that was supposed to be tonight has been hindered a bit by the snow I “ordered up.”  Husband says it will be nice for the holiday party atmosphere but I’m pretty sure he is just thinking “hmmmm more nuggets for me!”  heehee Oscar LOOOVES marking the snow!

Nice Osc.

Um yea.  So while we ponder that, more on last night’s run.  I am still soooo proud of myself and of course had to take a proof pic for myself!


Boy, did I look the part, huh?


And boy did I refuel!  Yumyum alert!

So I am actually NOT that sore today. I think it is due to the fact that post-run I have been busting out some yoga moves targeted towards certain areas of my body that I feel need a lil’ TLC.  Yesterday is was a LOT of forward folds, butterfly and some pigeon 😉 Above all, even though my practice is not as regular as I would like it to be right now, yoga has taught me so much about my body and mindfulness. 

OK, moving on to “Wrapfest 2009!”  Last night after my lil’ PR, I did some serious wrappy wrap!  Husband and I have a little routine we follow each year…I wrap and place the gifts on the steps leading upstairs, and then he arranges them under the tree- he is SOOOO good at it!

So , I also wanted to show some REALLY cool stocking stuffers I got the other night on my successful shopping hunt!

Heehee this NEVER gets old...who was naughty this year?!?!?

For my in-laws (guess which is for who!)

And these for a friend who kindly invited me to a post-holiday cocktail partay!

Hmmm…who will be the owner of these dreamy-smelling babies?!?!?

OK, enough blabbing for now 😉  Time for partay prep! See you soon, bloggies!


The words “I can’t” have officially been eliminated today! PRs for distance and speed! WootWoot!


Yup, you read right!  I had an AWESOME run tonight…In SWEAR it was fueled by the awesomeness of Husband’s “Friday Treat.” (each Friday, Husband leaves a treat in my car 🙂  he is too cute, although it is always quite an indulgence)  Love it!

SUCH a yumyum!

Anyway, I decided to run indoors, and yes, Lindsay (www.goodiesgalore.wordpress.com) I DID have good reading material 😉 I was feeling SOOOO good though that I didn’t even look at it!  SO I DID A 6 AT 6 IN 60 AT 6.0  heehee- 6 miles, at 6pm less than an hour time ;-), running mostly on 6.0!  I know, I’m a dork.  But it was AWESOME!  I feel like I ran a lotta bad nonsense, into a way clearer place- did that make any sense?  Anyway, YAY!  What was the last accomplishment you had?  Share!