…and HERE are the pictures!

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So I was going through my phone and found A LOT of pictures that I forgot to post!  Bummer!  So, here they are with needed explanations. First off, WHAT is this?!?!?  Why was I taking this picture?  Looks quite seductive and I have NO idea why!!!  haha


I will start with the most recent promised pictures of the yummy decorative pretzles I made last night

total yumyum


…from the leftover candy-cane garnish from the peppermint martinis from the party (by the way, this new hyperlinking thing has changed my liiiiife- thanks, Linds!)

And speaking of the party, here were some blurry party people! 


…and the partay doggie stealing snack, caught in ACTION! 

And now I return you to our regularly scheduled HOLIDAY!  Here are some cool pictures from PIER ONE when I went on that awesome and efficient spree where I banged out literally ALL of my gifts in one night!  OH, and that was also the night I THOUGHT Verizon had hooked it up with a new phone… um yea, Husband didn’t even want to bring it home because he KNEW how annoyed I would be as the “new phone” we received was (drum roll please)…

…USED (or “certified like new.”  what BS!)  Oh well…at least it might hold a charge? 

OK, so back to Pier One…(and my ADD heehe) THE END RESULT:

Me in my favorite section…CLEARANCE!

Oh, and of course I had to slip in this little find (that I did NOT buy, but am SURE almost everyone who knows me since becoming a blogger thinks this)

Whatevs!  EVERYTHING is a photo op!  heehee toodles!

Happy Blogger makes happy Blogger


Yay!  Lindsay who showed me how to do the trick I just inserted into my post (changing the text of a hyperlink-wootwoot) just got the package I sent her! yay!  I am so happy she liked it.  It is so much fun making new friends 😉  Heehee so here are some updates and definintely check for pictures later- my camera has been acting up (aka dying every two seconds)…

1.  Yesterday was supposed to be my day off from running (as I did a 6-er on Friday, off Saturday then a 5-er on Sunday) BUT I arrived home to a package waiting for me at my door!  It was my goods from Zensah!  Of course I HAD to try some stuff out!  You can see exactly what I ordered here but the gist is that I got my first (an hopefully not last, Santa dear) running skirt, shin compression sleeves for my killer splints, and another pair of tights.  I needed to try out the compression socks and took at quick 3-mile jaunt.  Got in under 30 minutes, but have no good news about the compression sleeves, as my shins were already in bad shape from not taking enough recovery time.  Anyway, that was that.

2.  I had a TON of leftover candy canes from the party so I decided to make some treat bags for some co-workers, etc.  Nothing says Susie Homemaker like chocolate drizzled candy cane coated pretzels!  Pictures to come, but think like this but in mini pretzel snap form (from rhodeygirltests.com)


3.  School for my kids is winding down, but we are having fun over here with holiday treats and fun.  Today I am making lil’ picture frames with them for their families (hey, why not pass on a little creativity to the kids!).  I also have to make their Christmas treat bags, and I do a “Yankee exchange” game where they unwrap a book and can trade for one before them or take the one they unwrapped. It’s funnnn!  yay!  Also, about school TOO funny- my dad came to visit the other day. He surprised me and my students.  It was awesome. Kids are SOOOO funny. One of my girls pulled me aside and asked quietly “does your dad know you’re married?!!?”  Haaha it was TOO funny…yes, I think he does…

4.  Cincinnati, Cincinnati!  Ahhhh! I am really excited but haven’t had enough time to give it my full excited attention- that will come at 3:45 tomorrow (when school’s officially OUT).  Until then, I need to PAAAAACK!  Ah nothing stresses me out more than packing!  Argh.  I KNOW I need to bring running clothese (for outdoors) and one fancy outfit for Christmas Eve dinner.  Other than that…HELP!  OY.

OK, toodles for now- check back later for some yum pics!